WILD, WITCHY WOMEN DANCE (and get tidy)!

I had great fun creating a collage these past couple of days around the them of women dancing, firstly, to encourage myself to get into gear more and move as I tend to get suckered into the computer screen and typing furiously, and secondly, to celebrate 1 Billion Rising on 14th February, a worldwide movement of women getting together to dance against violence towards women.Wild, Witchy Women Dance

‘ including images of  women dancing, a hip cat having a ball, a piece of artwork I did inspired by Clarissa Estoles Pinkes’ book: “Women Who Run With The Wolves”, and a statement artwork a friend created a while back using words from one of my blogs.

Along with creating this collage, I’ve also been tidying up my work space, which is a quite amazing feat on my part given my congenital untidiness since I was a kid. But with Libra recently in Saturn, I’ve been inspired to get my house in order, so to speak, and a tidy study is one of the results.

I can remember talking about being tidy to a friend of mine who commented that it felt good (she is very organised and practical). I held the phone away from my ear and looked down it, thinking:  “No, it doesn’t feel good, it feels downright weird”, but hey-ho, she’s right, I feel downright nifty having everything in place and knowing where I can find stuff. I’m also amazed at the number of glitter goodies I’ve accumulated – nothing like tidying up to find out how many forgotten resources you have!

So here’s the result of my study reshuffle:

Revamped office space 1
Art and crystal corner of my study
Revamped office space 2
Storage space for my art materials, all arranged neatly in baskets!
Altar to Ferocity
Creative altar
Revamped office space
View of my super-tidy study


2 thoughts on “WILD, WITCHY WOMEN DANCE (and get tidy)!

  1. Great to see your 1 Billion Rising piece! And I enjoyed the peeks into your studio. I’m not sure why it delights me so, but I love seeing people’s spaces both in the messy in-project state so filled with creative frenzy, and in the peaceful straightened state that invites expansive inspiration.


  2. Nice to get your feedback, Deborah. I think it was the “messy in-project state” which finally convinced me to restore some sort or order so I could find the bits and pieces I need for another creative frenzy, lol.


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