I’ve been rather amused watching the Italian elections to see the dismay and confusion among traditional politicians, financial circles and the conventional Italian media in the face of the campaign by the comedian, Beppo Grillo in the lead-up to the Italian elections today, Sunday.

Everything was supposed to nice and smoothly with accepted politicians continuing to rule the roost, only Mr Grillo threw a gigantic spanner in the works. He has refused to deal with the conventional Italian media and instead has used the internet and local networks to spread the world about his campaign.

Good on him!

Because this isn’t just about Italy, it goes way beyond the borders of one single country.

Mr Grillo, his tactics and his manifesto are a sign of the rapidly changing nature of public life in many, many nations at this time of upheaval and sweeping out the old to make way for the new.

In an interview for the British newspaper, The Guardian, (Mr Beppo deals with foreign media not the homegrown variety), the comedian said: “…. we are witnessing a change in civilisation, not just politics,” he told the Observer. “Italy has turned its back on its political class and a new language of community, identity and honesty is filling the gap.”

Mr Beppo is also causing consternation in the ranks of political and financial circles beyond those of Italy because he’s challenging the accepted economic order of the day, economic austerity, which, in layperson’s terms means: “Screw the 99% into the ground while enriching the 1% and making sure the 1% doesn’t suffer”.  Iceland-USA legal action

The head honchos in the accepted order of things are getting their knickers in a twist because Beppo is talking of  “combining  pro-environment policies with a crackdown on parliamentary privileges, a living wage for the jobless using cuts from military spending, the slashing of top managers’ wages, broadband for all, bike lanes and the right for priests to have children ‘so they don’t touch other people’s’. “(Guardian, 24/2/13).  He is also committed to holding a referendum on leaving the euro and a temporary freeze on interest payments on government bonds.

All of this, of course, is voodoo economics for The Establishment, in Italy and overseas, but it’s one which people are demanding in similar terms in Greece, Spain, the UK and other EC countries where so-called economic austerity is leaving people increasingly impoverished. But it’s not confined to the EC nations. Wherever you look around the world, people are fed up to the eyeballs with cronyism, rampant corruption and greed in political and economic circles which simply can’t come to grips with the rapid changes in all sorts of societies.

We here in North Cyprus watch the BBC World News and every day on the nightly news we see protests and demonstrations in countries around the world at the economic hardship imposed on ordinary folk which the rich get richer and politicians continue to line their pockets and stick their snouts in the trough of public money.

At the moment, astrologically speaking, Pluto is in Capricorn, and Pluto is notorious for blowing up the cellar and throwing into the light of day corruption, decay, all the rotten things which have been stashed out of sight.  And Capricorn relates to institutions, plutocracy, the fixed order of things, so Pluto is, you might say, stirring the establishment pot mightily. In the process, people are taking action to protest and demand fundamental changes to the way in which societies operate.

You can see the same here in little ol’ North Cyprus where corruption by politicians and the wealthy in this small nation is rife and well-known. People are sick at the self-interest while the economy stagnates and little is done to further the development of the nation.  Turkish-Cypriots don’t put up with this rubbish quietly – every week you see demonstrations and strikes and demands for real action not corrupt activities by those in office and those at the top of the Establishment.

We are in for exciting times and Italy’s Mr Beppo is the tip of the iceberg.  As Bob Dylan said, way back when: “The times they are a’changin’ “. And we are privileged to be taking part in such momentous changes in civilisation.


Years ago, when I was living in Queensland, I did a painting which reflected the healing steps I was taking in relationship to my experiences with my father.  It felt terrific doing this artwork, quite cathartic. Until I made the mistake of asking a local artist in the village where I lived what she thought of it. Her response was: “Oh, yes, we all do that sort of painting at first”.  Colour Healing

It was devastating. I can remember the exhilaration I felt at creating this painting draining away from me leaving me feeling empty and disheartened.  I don’t think I did any more painting for quite a while and I ended up giving the painting away.

I was reminded of this when I read a blog by the inspirational writer, Jill Jepson, about the way in which an editor re-shaped her well-written book into something which drained it of her originality, so that the book faded into oblivion.

Julia Cameron also makes the same point in her book: “The Artist’s Way” about people who drain you of self-confidence and undermine your belief in yourself.

For some time I never looked at this painting. I didn’t have it in my on-line photos. But reading Jill Jepson reminded me of this painting and I remembered that I had a photo of it in an album I’d kept of old artwork. So I fished it out and I felt in awe of its power.  I could actually see a spiritual energy arising in the centre which I’d never seen before, and I wish I’d never listened to that artist who hadn’t the generosity to give a helping hand and inspirational advice to someone who’d just started out on the artistic path.

Likewise, I tucked aside another painting I’d done because I felt it was too “simple”. I remember that I loved creating it and decorating the frame to match the artwork. And when I fished out the old photo, I felt the power of energy exploding and was so pleased again I’d kept some reminder of a piece of artwork Love AlightI’d really enjoyed creating and looking at.  So today I scanned it, refreshed it a bit as the photo was with an old-style camera, and then had fun playing around with Photoshop.  I love the playful energy of this painting and the joy of the dolphins leaping and playing.

Some of the variations are below, but what I’ve realised in  revisiting this old artwork is that I need to trust my own vision and courage and self-confidence, and not give my power away to others who don’t love and support me.

I enjoy the art I create and I’ve come to understand that my forte is symbolic, visionary, fun work. I’m not interested in still life, people or paintings of flowers and landscapes, couldn’t do this sort of artwork to save my life. I understand it’s not what I’m meant to do. They are not my cup of tea which, of course, is not to say that such art isn’t good art. 

So I’d just like to wind up by saying the same to you – whatever your creative endeavour, only show it to people who will offer constructive criticism, who will support you in your endeavours and who love you for who you are: a creative being filled with joy and passion which you are releasing in your own unique, creative way.

Love exploding - blue Love exploding - red Love Explosion



The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.  – ANATOLE FRANCE, The Red Lily

There are many pleasant fictions of the law in constant operation, but there is not one so pleasant or practically humorous as that which supposes every man to be of equal value in its impartial eye, and the benefits of all laws to be equally attainable by all men, without the smallest reference to the furniture of their pockets. – CHARLES DICKENS, Nicholas Nickleby

We in the West are continually told how wonderful our legal system is and how impartial it is. The truth is it’s more like smoke and mirrors. If you’re wealthy, the justice system serves you well – you get access to the top legal eagles, most often you’ve got the moolah to get out on bail if you do face legal action. If you’re of average means, poor, disabled,mentally ill, black or the wrong religion, the legal system as often as not duds you.

What brought this to mind was reading that the attorney-general of New South Wales has refused to reopen the case of three Aboriginal children murdered in Bowraville, a small country town, over 20 years ago.

I lived in Bowraville prior to moving to North Cyprus, which is why I’m aware of the details of this tragedy. In Australia, the disappearance of three children, the Beaumont children, in 1966, from the Glenelg Beach in South Australia, is well-known. They are white. Hardly anyone’s away of the murder of the three children in Bowraville. They’re black.

Bowraville has an infamous history as a deeply racist town. Aboriginal people had to drink in a separate bar from white people. They had to use a side entrance to the cinema to watch movies at the front of the theatre, separate from white people. From time to time, white men would ride their horses into the Mission to rape the women and girls. Women used to teach young girls to stuff sand into their vaginas to avoid rape, and they would go into the bush to try to hide from the white men on the rampage.  When Aboriginal people and students organised the Freedom Ride in 1965 – a bus tour through New South Wales protesting discrimination against Aboriginal people in small town Australia – Bowraville was on their list.

When we lived there, the local newsletter trumpeted the fact that Aboriginal people at the Mission – about 1.5 miles from the post office – would finally get their mail delivered instead of having to travel into town to pick up their mail. They had to petition Australia Post to ask for what is accepted practice for white people living in the more remote areas. And it was portrayed as something fantastic when it was bloody terrible that Aboriginal people had to beg to get their mail delivered on the same basis as white people.

The police investigation  into the disappearance of the three children – Colleen Walker, Evelyn Greenup and Clinton Speedy-Duroux – was pathetic. Why?  Because they were black and therefore not a priority. When 4-year-old Evelyn disappeared, the police asked if she’d “gone walkabout” – a four-year-old little girl! In spite of two trials, involving Jay Hart, a local Bowraville labourer, and a coroner’s inquest no one has been successfully prosecuted for the murders. In the trial for the murder of Evelyn Greenup, the prosecution provided strong evidence including two supposed confessions made by Hart. Despite the evidence and confessions, Hart was acquitted on March 3, 2006.  White juries didn’t trust the evidence of Aboriginal people.  The families have been trying to get a re-trial approved due to new evidence but they have now been turned down.  Disgusting.

Just as the white man’s law failed to serve the three Bowraville children, so it failed a rape victim in the UK. This past week we’ve seen the suicide of a woman in Great Britain who gave evidence in a rape trial against the man accused of raping and molesting her, only to be pilloried in the witness box by the defence lawyer, to the degree that she said she felt she’d been raped again. And let’s not forget too the hotel worker in New York who pursued rape charges against the wealthy, powerful Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who promptly hired top lawyers to dig up dirt on her to try to avoid legal action. In the event, Strauss-Kahn had to settle damages out of court, £950,000 which speaks volumes about his admission that he had a “moral failure”, a moral failure which seems to have dogged him in various sexual encounters which were known about, condoned and shrugged off.  What woman is going to go to court for rape when the defendant is a wealthy, powerful man, where rape is the only crime where the complainant is treated as the guilty one.Iceland-USA legal action

And we still await the prosecution of bankster head honchos whose criminal actions lead to the global financial crisis. Hardly any heads have rolled and if they have, the headless chook escaping into the wild blue yonder as often as not scarpers with a multi-million bonus. We also see, despite the financial chaos engendered by the criminal actions of huge financial institutions, top dogs STILL getting bonuses! On the other hand, people in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy and so on are supposed to endure financial hardship and huge cuts to their living standards to pay for the crimes of the banksters!

And pardon me if I happen to mention the US justice system where election to office in the legal system all too often relies upon how many millions  you can afford to get elected, what political party you belong to and which corporate rip-off merchants you’ve had backing you to look after their interests. In this respect, I refer to the decision by the conservative-dominated US Supreme Court to aware personhood status to corporations. What a disgrace to the so-called legal system!

You often see the comment that the law must be obeyed. Well, pardon me, but not if a law is blatantly unjust and discriminates for the wealthy against the 99% of us who are not well served by the legal system.  If a law is unjust, it deserves disobeying.  If laws don’t serve the people, then we need to take action to change those laws – such as ensuring justice for minorities: those whose skin isn’t white; the poor; the unemployed; the disabled; the mentally ill; non-Christians, and so on.  The times are fast changing at present, the old is being challenged, and it does no harm at all to stand up for true justice, not white, rich man’s law.

WILD, WITCHY WOMEN DANCE (and get tidy)!

I had great fun creating a collage these past couple of days around the them of women dancing, firstly, to encourage myself to get into gear more and move as I tend to get suckered into the computer screen and typing furiously, and secondly, to celebrate 1 Billion Rising on 14th February, a worldwide movement of women getting together to dance against violence towards women.Wild, Witchy Women Dance

‘ including images of  women dancing, a hip cat having a ball, a piece of artwork I did inspired by Clarissa Estoles Pinkes’ book: “Women Who Run With The Wolves”, and a statement artwork a friend created a while back using words from one of my blogs.

Along with creating this collage, I’ve also been tidying up my work space, which is a quite amazing feat on my part given my congenital untidiness since I was a kid. But with Libra recently in Saturn, I’ve been inspired to get my house in order, so to speak, and a tidy study is one of the results.

I can remember talking about being tidy to a friend of mine who commented that it felt good (she is very organised and practical). I held the phone away from my ear and looked down it, thinking:  “No, it doesn’t feel good, it feels downright weird”, but hey-ho, she’s right, I feel downright nifty having everything in place and knowing where I can find stuff. I’m also amazed at the number of glitter goodies I’ve accumulated – nothing like tidying up to find out how many forgotten resources you have!

So here’s the result of my study reshuffle:

Revamped office space 1
Art and crystal corner of my study
Revamped office space 2
Storage space for my art materials, all arranged neatly in baskets!
Altar to Ferocity
Creative altar
Revamped office space
View of my super-tidy study