I’ve had a fine old time these past few days stuffing around with painting again.  I haven’t felt like it for a while, having been somewhat under the weather since my fall on New Year’s Day and then getting bronchitis, but this week I have felt my energy returning.

The first artwork I did was just a light-hearted reflection of coming back into the world. Wheel of Fortune I doodled various pastel colours over the canvas then rubbed them together to blur them.  Next I drew a wavy path which reflects my life’s journey and then sat there looking at the result.  It didn’t look finished but then I got the urge to draw a heart in the middle and finally I could see words filling the spaces created by the travelling, wavy line.

And because I’m feeling so much better, all the words were happiness-based which brings a smile to my face when I look at the painting.  I also added in some butterfly stickers and little glittery flowers around the heart, plus a heart beside the word “Hugs”.

It’s not high-art, but who cares, it speaks from my heart.  I’ve called it “Wheel of Fortune”, to reflect the Tarot Card I picked on the day I created this and which relates to fortunate changes in one’s life.

And then yesterday, I had the great fortune to be part of an art vigil organised by Hali Karla on Facebook.  It was a coming together of women to create and link during one time period and it was absolutely awesome.  It was something that danced into my life synchronistically, with the Full Moon in Leo, an opportunity to open up again to the world and move forward, feeling part of a wonderful, loving group of women in a safe haven.

When I start artwork, it’s seldom that I know exactly what I’m going to create. I usually intuitively pick out the size canvas I’m drawn to work with and then see what images come up.  This time I picked a square canvas, with the aim of creating blocks of colour as I was inspired to use colour by hearing the co-ordinator of the Venice Mardi Gras commenting how people need colour in these somewhat challenging times.

However, I was staring out at our garden before I actually got started and saw the one and only, solitary hibiscus flower which had poked its head up. So then I got the idea of taking a photo of that, fishing out pics of Windows on the Flowering Heartflowers I’d taken in other places, printing them off, sticking them on the canvas, and adding colour around them.  It worked a treat, and here are the flowers and the places I lived where I took the pics, from top left to bottom right:

Hibiscus: Alsancak, North Cyprus

Orchid: Kempsey, mid-north coast, New South Wales

Pansy: Bowraville, mid-north coast, NSW

Canna:  Bowraville, mid-north coast, NSW

Apothecary’s Rose: Alsancak, North Cyprus

Rhododendron: Traralgon, Victoria

Tibouchina: Bowraville, mid-north coast, NSW

Cactus Flower: Pingelly, Western Australia

Flowering, hanging cactus: Kempsey, mid-north coast, NSW

Funnily enough, all the colours daubed on with the sponge came out looking flowery. BUT the photos wouldn’t glue down properly, so I then surrounded them with a frame of purple paint which creates a window effect. And to finish it all off, while the paints were wet, I splashed on very fine, purple and pale pink glitter.

I’ve called this painting: Windows on the Flowering Heart.  It seems to me that we’ve been here in North Cyprus for nearly one year and in all our moves I’ve found it takes 6-12 months to get settled in, particularly when you move continents.  So I figure that this painting has opened windows on the past for me, to remember very good memories wherever I’ve been – whether it be general experiences of the wonderful people I’ve met – and now I’m here, the Alchemist’s Rose in the centre embodies building my future life henceforth in North Cyprus.

The Rose is from a bush of the Alchemist’s Rose which is in our garden. This rose is an ancient one from the Turkish region which, for some reason, I find quite thrilling.  As you can see, it’s got an enormous heart, something I haven’t seen in other roses,. It signifies, for me, the influence of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, as this is her island. Her energy for me is intense as, in astrological terms I am Libra Sun and Libra Rising, with a few more planets in Libra. And Libra’s ruler is Venus or Aphrodite.

So as the Beatles’ song says: “Love, love, love. All you need is Love.” 

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