1.  I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions.  To be truthful, I clean forgot but I also simply didn’t have the interest in making resolutions prior to the end of 2012. And  then I saw a comment (and my apologies for not naming the writer, I’ve forgotten where I read it) that mid-winter is not really an appropriate time for new resolutions, it’s a time of hibernation, going within, having quiet times, allowing the new to come to fruition.  This really had meaning for me, so I’ve decided to allow my inner voice to cook uGoddesses Flyingp new paths to follow, and old paths to bring to fruition or perhaps to leave if they’re leading me into thickets rather than clear spaces, and to birth these at the time of the Spring Solstice.  Makes much more sense to me.

2.  I’ve stopped moaning about the  power cuts we often get here in North Cyprus. Whingeing doesn’t make the power come on any faster, and we still have gas to cook with, so I’ve chosen to see these blackouts, lasting only 30-60 minutes, as opportunities to sit quietly, go within and enjoy the peace and rest. I thoroughly enjoy not doing anything except sitting on my sofa with my puppies and cats when they’re asleep and cuddled up to me. Today I had my hand on Zoe, who is now too big for my lap, as she slept on the sofa. Ziggy has been cuddled up beside me with his paws resting on my leg; and my cat Sweetie stretched out on my lap and flaked out.  I simply sat, enjoy the warmth and companionship of my pets and, get this, DIDN’T FEEL GUILTY!

3.  I don’t own an iPad, iPhone or iPod nor have I used iTunes. And, in act of great daring and bravery, I have no intention of buying or using any of these.  I’m amazed at how addictive and anti-social they are. I don’t like the way in which Apple has created a throwaway system to boost its profits, i.e., always updating products so you throw away one which is perfectly good because hype says your sense of self-esteem is only maintained by having the latest product. I am sad that what used to be an innovative company has now morphed into a monopoly giant intent on stifling competition to boost its profits at the expensive of innovation. And, better and better, I don’t feel a scrap of guilt about not owning an Apple product. I try to keep my life simple and use products like mobile phones and computers as long as I can because I have seen the rubbish dumps in Nigeria where poor people get sick by working on breaking up the toxic dross from our throwaway mentality.

4. I can get the staples of life – Milo and Vegemite – from my local supermarket. Yeah, how good is life! Yes, yes, I know they’re not super-healthy foods but I like them and I’m fed up with all the conflicting health recommendations which change from day to day, month to month and year to year. I aim to eat a varied diet but I don’t feel guilty if I throw in a few supposedly unhealthy items.  I couldn’t care less about the food nazis, a little of what you really like does your heart and soul good and contributes far more to good health than nit-picking about what food goes in your mouth

5. I hardly ever watch TV.  When we arrived in North Cyprus, we didn’t have a television for a long time and we found we survived very nicely without it.  We got fed up with the dross that so often gets onto TV these days and found we did very well with the miserable, miserable news programmes. I do love reading and listening to music as they leave you feeling uplifted and

6. I am happy. We don’t have a lot of money, but we can pay our bills. I >Artwork I've created in alignment with New & Full Moons, and Eclipsesdo have fibromyalgia and arthritis in the my spine which causes stiffness in my muscles and pain in my legs. But on balance, I have a regular, fixed income, the age pension, even though it’s not large; we own our home and car; we live simply and eat simply; I have my eyesight, sense of smell, a sense of hearing (although a bit run down now so I need hearing aids), my two arms and two legs; and my brain’s ticking over pretty well. I have managed to get 65 and when I see the misfortune that some suffer, often much younger than I am, I’m very, very happy to have got so far without any major mishaps. 



4 thoughts on “TRUE CONFESSIONS… Sort of

  1. Gotta say I LOVE my Ipod. I’ve had mine for YEARS – the only thing that updates is the software (on line no cost and I don’t because then I have to figure out how to use it again) and larger file capacities but I still have 50% on mine and I’ve loaded a ton of music. Better, a ton of meditations and audio books. I’d hate to have to lie without it. And my Kindle – immediate delivery – for business and workshops and I need the information now, nothing better. And so many free books – I have hundreds downloaded. I may never get around to all of them. I finally actually started buying business books for kindle after a year of nothing but free reads. But that’s because I can’t get them at the library. Love the dog and kitty cuddle thing!


  2. Oh-oh! I should have confessed I have an MP3 player. I got it instead of an iPod on the recommendation of the store assistant who told me I’d have much more freedom buying on-line and downloading from other sites. Like you I have heaps of music and meditations, would be lost without it.And I DO have a Kindle, because if you don’t live in the US or UK, you pay squillions for postage and have to wait weeks for delivery. I love my Kindle, particularly since I’ve been travelling and living in North Cyprus. So no, I’m not against modern devices per se, I just object to Apple’s marketing and the hysteria surrounding its products. Plus I’ve had a couple of experiences of people having their noses in iPads to the exclusion of civil conversation.


  3. We broke down and bought IPhones almost 2 yrs. ago but we got the IPhone 3’s after the 4’s came out, and with our phone company, we got both brand new phones for $100. However, we hate, hate, hate, these phones. In fact, we hate them so bad, we are going to buy out the contract next month. It will cost less to buy it out than to keep and use the phones another 4-5 months until the contract runs out. We just want a phone to use in emergencies. Due to my health, my dh insists that I have a cell phone IF I go out alone while he is at work, which is almost never.

    I also don’t understand how or why people walk around with their phones in their hands all the time. I have NEVER wanted to be connected to a tether all the time. In fact, much to my dh’s ire, I don’t turn mine on when I go out, unless there is an emergency. Our emergencies usually happen when we become separated in a store or mall, so we call to see where the other one is when we are ready to go.

    Mo, I so agree that people need to count their blessings. Like you, I will be 65 in July. I am comfortable with what I have and I have everything I need. We have some health issues, but we are comfortable and happy. I think those feelings come with age as our priorities change and our self-worth doesn’t come from what we have. We have learned the greater lessons in life and are enjoying our life, more than we ever dreamed was possible.


  4. I think it’s a form of addiction, to be very honest. The notion that people have withdrawal symptoms from mobile phones is truly weird. I can understand why they’re used for business but refuse to become a slave to the phone. Like you, we have two phones, one for contact with friends and family where necessary and one for when one of us goes out, like you, so we can get back in contact for emergencies. And that does me fine!


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