Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by paper, notebooks of all kinds, and diaries. They are quite magical to me and inspire me in so many ways, especially writing down my dreams which, over the years, have given me invaluable guidence once I’ve worked out what the images mean.

I always have lots of notebooks hanging around our home, and I pore over diaries at the beginning of each New Year, like some demented alchemist hoping to create magic through the hubble, bubble, boil and trouble of writing, but particularly writing in magical-looking notebooks.

I decided today, since I’m inspire by my return to writing, to hunt out all the various Notebooks & Diariesnotebooks I have lying around the house and here’s the result. The brown one on the right at the back is handcrafted, both paper and cover, in Nepal and was a gift from a friend. I’ve been reluctant to use it, but now I’ve decided to start filling it with inspirational, mystical and spiritual phrases which contribute to my well-being and creativity.

The large notebook on the left has Winnie the Pooh on the cover and who can resist this winsome, appealing, idiosyncratic bear?  More than this though, this notebook has SQUARED paper which I find thrilling for some reason. Squared paper draws me to write, ever since I first saw squared paper in Germany in 1963 when I stayed in a small village near Stuttgart on exchange with my German penfriend. Why, I have no idea, simply that when I see squared paper, my eyes light up and my heart gives a little dance of excitement and pleasure.

The orange notebook on the lower left and the green one lower right beside my glorious Winnie the Pooh notebook, are diaries.  I love the orange one, it’s a Moleskin, with the theme of Le Petit Prince. On the cover it has the world and a small superman-type figure floating away from the earth being drawn aloft by flowers and birds.  The theme of this is: “Those who travel are guided by the stars.”  I’m afraid this notebook is dedicated to something fairly prosaic, our finances, and my desire to live in harmony with my finances rather than being the spendthrift I have been in the past.

The green book is the piece de resistance as far as diaries are concerned, at least in my mind, anyway. At the Mall of Cyprus, in south Cyprus, I came across a shop which sells books, toys, electronics, DVDs, CDs and even vinyl!  And it has a range of the most wonderful notebooks  and diaries by paperblanks. The name “paperblanks” is copyrighted but I can’t find the symbol for that, I just thought I’d better cover my back by mentioning the copyright.  This wonderful notebook company produces absolutely beautiful notebooks with stunning artwork on the cover. My 2013 diary is in a sort of embossed fabric with lovely patterns.  I like the idea of green for new beginnings and peace of mind and heart.

Here are my two other paperblanks’ notebooks.paperblanks notebooks The theme of the one on the left is Midsummer Night’s Dream by Laurel Burch. It’s created with paint and paper, and embellished with gold and silver.

The one on the right is probably appropriate for our household, given we now have four cats.  It’s theme is Mediterranean Cats, again by Laurel Burch, with the same materials used in the production of the original painting.  I love the fact the notebooks have dinky little foldover flaps which are magnetised and keep the notebooks closed when they’re not in use.  I shall keep re-visiting the shop in the mall because there’s a huge range of paperblanks notebooks so I shall keep adding to my collection bit by beautiful bit!


  1. Oh Mo, being a journal junkie myself, there’s nothing more I enjoy than taking a peek at someone else’s collection. Loved seeing yours! I always have a number of them going at once, which both suits me and drives me crazy.


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