A while back I created an image of Aphrodite which I decided I wasn’t too happy with (bad grammar, but never mind). So I returned and created an image with rays radiating out from the heart centre. I still felt dissatisfied because it looked as thoughAphrodite Revisited  the heart centre was more like a demented octopus than a heart radiating love.

So these past couple of days I’ve revisited the image, painted over the rays, and strengthened the figure of Aphrodite. I kept adding layers of colour and glitter until I felt the figure was how I envisaged Aphrodite.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve always been rather unimpressed with Botticelli’s Venus because she looks so soppy and wimpy.  I wanted to show Aphrodite as a powerful figure because love is such a powerful emotion – it can move mountains! 

I added silver glitter to the figure to represent the foam from which Aphrodite rises when she emerges from the Mediterranean at the bottom of the island of Cyprus.  Her figure is also slightly blurred because she’s linked to emotions which are rather watery. And I haven’t delineated a face as love means so many different things to different people.  It’s quite hard to pin down so her face radiates love in all its manifestations.

I do feel a lot more satisfied with this painting and it’s done me good to acknowledge that a painting doesn’t feel right and to return to play around with more glitter and paint. Very satisfying to the inner artist!


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