My computer is sort going on the blink, not sure what is happening as sometimes it works a treat and sometimes the screen blurs.  It’s not the hard disk, it’s a graphics part, so off to the compute whizz on Monday to hopefully get it sorted out. I’m also hoping to get a back-up fixed up too.

Earth grid with Witches Fingers quartz pieces, polished garden quartz points, Lake Superior Tube Agates, Ochre from Coochiemudlo Island, Queensland, Saharan Dream Concretion, and Sacred Web Concretion. Drum with my own artwork on wall to energise grid.

I think this is interesting given that I’ve just got my workroom sorted out, our move from Australia to North Cyprus has been finalised, and now I can give some contemplation to my new life here in the eastern Mediterranean.

I was surprised that my workroom ended up looking so earthy and grounded, as I’d had in mind working with more blues and purples, to reflect the fact I’m now living on Aphrodite’s Island. But my intuition and inner voice led me to the grounded work area which is most likely what my inner voice is telling my I need given I’ve got so many air signs and live in my head so much.

I’ve also unpacked my crystals, keeping my favourites on a table in my workroom, with three-and-a-half boxes stored in our small shed which I’ll be selling at a later stage.

Table of crystals and my artwork on walls. My husband dismantled the big collage which I love, it’s very motivating for me, and kindly reassembled it here in Cyprus once we’d unpacked my artwork.

In the meantime, contemplating a fortnight possibly without a computer made me realise I spend too much time on it, at the expense of my creativity. I realised how excited I felt at the prospect of not being glued to a computer and remembered a time when the internet was not part of my life and I was far more productive in a creative way. So I’m spending the next fortnight writing and painting.

Consequently, I won’t be posting blogs in this time, and I hope I return in due course refreshed, rarin’ to go and full of new ideas and inspiration.

Hasta la vista!!!!


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