Having finally got unpacked, sorted out and pretty much settled in here in North Cyprus, I’ve also got my paintings and crystals/rocks sorted out too.  Next week I’m putting them up for sale – although I’m a bit nervous about my artwork as it’s the first time I’ve offered it for sale publicly.  We’ve removed … More ART & STONES


In my spate of revisiting former paintings, I also revised two smaller pieces to re-energise them. The first is what I’ve called “The Heart of Om”..  I’ve lightened the circle surrounding the Om symbol, as well as re-painting it red to illustrate its power.  I’ve also added pale violet flashes around the inner circle to … More MORE ART REVISITED


When I lived in Woodenbong, high in the ranges between Queensland and New South Wales, I created this image of Baubo.  Baubo is a goddess whose origins are somewhat mysterious, but she is associated with belly laughs, bawdiness, the joy of female sexuality and the healing power of laughter. She is best known for her … More BAUBO REVISITED