I saw in the newspapers yesterday that Mitt Romney believes that God is with him in the US Presidential elections. He also believes that God created America to lead the world. Mind you, I don’t know what he makes of America’s time before the end of World War II when it wasn’t a world power, but perhaps I’m just being logical and a member of the awkward squad. I also don’t know if other nations in the world are all that taken with the concept of an America created to lead the world, as I rather think they consider their own nations pretty okay and would like equality between nations, phew, what a concept!

Apart from the sub-text that Romney’s dog-whistling (I’m a white, rich, male, who doesn’t have a coloured skin and if I can appeal to prejudice that Barack Obama is a closet Muslim, I’ll do it because I wanna be The Big Cheese), he’s a cheeky sod to imply that God thinks he’s a bit of alright.

I mean, this is from a man who wants to launch a war with Iran, and take things back to the Cold War with threats against Russia. He is also right on with a huge military machine which drains more from America’s economy than any pathetic teacher’s salary or library’s running costs. Oh, yes, this is so spiritual!

I’ve lost count of the number of leaders who claim God has “spoken” to them as they’ve sought to become elected to a top position, not just in the US but around the world. Seems to me that God must be pretty busy running around metaphorically patting these leaders on the head, or perhaps thinking of giving them a good boot up the ass because he’s cheesed off to the max by having his name taken in vain by any vainglorious seeker of public office.

And it beats me how any leader can claim to have God’s stamp of approval if they are gung-ho about war-mongering, blowing people to bits (but they’re only ‘collateral damage’, ), torture, persecution of minorities (whether race, religion or sexual preference), worship of the super-rich, or contempt for the poor.

Just to recap, Jesus, the first social rights activist, stomped into the temple, chucked out the money-changers, and was pretty up-front about the worth of the poor, downtrodden and deprived people, including little kids, while not being too crash-hot about greedy, selfish peeps lining their pockets with gold at the expense of ordinary folk.

No one individual has any monopoly on Divinity and anyone who starts waving the name of God around to justify their scramble for top office is definitely suss, whether they’re Christian, Muslim, Hindu or pink with purple spots. It’s my view (and you’re welcome to disagree if you feel so drawn) that Divinity/God/Spirit (whatever has meaning for you) is within every single, damned person on earth, within the flora and fauna, the seas, wildlife, and of course permeating Mother Earth, and beyond into the big, wild, timeless Universe. I’ve got a word for Mitt Romney and anyone else like him who tries to hog God to given themselves credibility – you’re a piker, mate, a plonker and a pillock.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’d apply the same terms to anyone – /Republican/Labor/Liberal/Conservative or whatever who tried to use God to justify their actions when, in reality, the only voice their listening to is their own, blustering away in their own head.


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