I clean forgot to mention before that the first time I went for a swim and overcame my fear that I might not be able to get out of the pool (a quite unfounded fear so I’m glad I faced up to it and overcame it), I paddled over to the side of the pool from the steps, looked around and there was the most beautiful, little red dragonfly sitting right beside me.  It sat there very quietly, not moving, and I felt blessed that this beautiful little insect had  graced my first foray into the pool with its presence.  

Dragonflies signify change and transformation and that’s certainly been true for me here in North Cyprus, as I said in an earlier post.  I feel a different person to when I arrived here, with far more energy these last few days and, amazingly, not feeling the heat so much all of a sudden.

I’m interested this dragonfly is red and moves very quickly, as it seems to represent passion, energy and myself speeding up (with all due respect to the fibro follies of course, ha-ha).  We see quite a few of these red-veined darter dragonflies. They are quite territorial, chasing off the larger blue dragonflies that come around. And one always sits beside me when I rest at the side of the pool.

We did also manage to save a very delicate, slightly larger pale green dragonfly which misjudged its distance from the water of the pool and did a belly-flop. Luckily I saw it land so was able to fish it out on my hand before it did a perish.  Here’s a pic of the blue dragonfly, it’s the most beautiful colour:

I haven’t been able to find a pic of the green dragonfly but it was quite beautiful and I’m glad it survived its unexpected dip in the pool.  I put it carefully down on the paving, and it sat there for a moment drying out, then took off again in good health. A very satisfying moment to see this fine, delicate insect flying up into the sky.

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