Yesterday we went to a Heart and Soul exhibition at the Acapulco Resort which is on the east side of Kyrenia.  We are now pretty much in summer, glorious sunny days, the Mediterranean is like a flat, glittering pool in the sunshine, but we also get the sea breeze so we had a pleasant drive through Kyrenia to the Acapulco Resort which is on the other side of Kyrenia to our apartment and is set right beside the sea.

To be very honest, the Resort is – to me, at least – Bling Central.  It’s huge: rows of hotel rooms one above the other and more in the new extension being built; flash swimming pool complete with rows of sun loungers; and security people in all directions. Not my idea of a holiday but it takes all sorts and I guess if you’re working all hours under the sun, sometimes all the want to do when you do go on holiday  is flake out  by a pool and sunbake.

Convention Centre hall

The Heart and Soul exhibition was in the Convention Centre, another huge part of the resort. It took us a long while marching around the inside to find the Centre, but the space where the exhibition was held was huge and felt lovely and airy. You can see the size of the hall where the exhibition was in the picture on the left. There were numerous such huge halls which we came across in our search for the exhibition, and it’s a reminder of the serious tourism sector operating here.  Interestingly, North Cyprus is a holiday haven for Turkish people as much as for people in other parts of Europe as it only takes an hour to reach here from the mainland.

The exhibition catered for both Turkish and English-speaking visitors, so some of the material was quite incomprehensible to me. It also catered for the hungry hordes – a sort of smorgasbord was on offer with a chef preparing plates of sandwiches and other savouries, along with yummy-looking garnishes, plus Nescafe and Turkish coffee. We’d had lunch before we went to the exhibition but it always interests me how much attention Turkish-Cypriots pay to presenting even simple food with flare and care.

As for the language barrier, I have become a fully paid-up  member of the Charades Club, as I have great fun acting out anything I need to communicate if someone can’t understand me. I have found a great joie de vivre among the locals here and they enjoy themselves and laugh their heads off when I do mime to describe what I’m trying to communicate. But there’s one thing that overcomes the language barrier – crystals!!! One of the things I absolutely adore about being in North Cyprus is that prices for rocks, stones and crystal jewellery are very, very reasonable. So I came away clutching a haul of an amethyst ring, a polished labradorite wand, and a spectacular fluorite tower which I could never have afforded in Australia.  The ring is a huge, faceted amethyst – a right knuckleduster which I waved menacingly at my husband, Bryan, to huge mirth among the stall holders – and that was $20. The polished labradorite wand was $12.50, and the fluorite tower was $40. I really dithered over asking the price of the fluorite piece because I thought it would be beyond my means. But I was relaly drawn to it and was so relieved when she told me the price.  I think in Australia I’d probably have paid close to $120 for the tower.

There were some challenges as many of the stallholders were Turkish or Turkish-Cypriots who didn’t speak English. Doing mime went a fair way but sometimes we hit an impenetrable barrier and had to just smile and wave at each other. I did have the interesting experience of getting a Tarot reading from a Turkish lady, who spoke not a word of English, but one of her friends interpreted for me.  It was fascinating seeing how she worked with the cards, quite a different way to any that I’ve seen before.  She provided me with some interesting information, told me that the book I’m writing would be successful, and that I was a powerful woman, much to my surprise. Big smiles and hugs all around when I left.

In another blog tomorrow I’m going to talk about the reading that Bryan had with a very, very intuitive, mediumistic lady from Scotland. So good was it that I broke my golden rule  not to have more than one reading and also had a second reading with her.  She was so accurate with both my husband and myself that we’re still sitting around in a state of shock. But more about this later.  I’ll wind up with a photo of the laboradorite wand I also brought home with me, once I’m going to work with in body and aura massage.


  1. Yes, I’m really glad I asked the price, I really dithered over it, and was delighted when it was affordable. And the day was great – apart from the Long March through various parts of the complex to track down the venue!


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