(This is reprinted from my recent Aphrodite Rising newsletter at Constant Contact. There has been some positive feedback so I thought I’d also post it on my blog.) I’ve been considering all the upheaval we see in the world around us, the way the deckchairs on the sinking vessel are being frantically rearranged by the … More COMMUNITY AND COURAGE


As I mentioned in my blog about the Heart & Soul Expo here in North Cyprus, Bryan had a reading with a Scottish medium who was incredibly accurate, insightful and uplifting.  He seemed drawn to her from the moment we entered the exposition and I was interested because all week he had been talking of … More INNER CHILD HEALING


Yesterday we went to a Heart and Soul exhibition at the Acapulco Resort which is on the east side of Kyrenia.  We are now pretty much in summer, glorious sunny days, the Mediterranean is like a flat, glittering pool in the sunshine, but we also get the sea breeze so we had a pleasant drive … More GATHERING CRYSTALS