I must admit to you who read my blogs that I dithered before embarking on my previous post about wild, witchy, wise women. I worried about being outspoken and being angry, particularly as I believe in the power of peacefulness and as much as possible I work for compassion, tolerance and understanding.

And now I wonder why?  Quite a few women have agreed with my manifesto, it’s obviously struck a chord, only one has disagreed and that’s fine. There are 7.014 billion people on this earth and we all have different paths to tread in finding what is illuminated by the light of the soul.

I have simply come to the understanding and acceptance that my path is that of the rabble-rouser, the stirrer, the eccentric, the firer-upper, the one who walks the path less travelled through the written and spoken word. There’s no point not being what I’m meant to be because I’m then not authentic and people can tell when you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Again, I dithered about saying this but, looking back, it’s what I’ve always been and done. In astrological terms I have the Moon in Aquarius which means my emotional life is tied up with community, in emotional honesty, in being socially-minded, looking at creating new ways to conduct emotional relationships, and expressing myself in quite dramatic ways. I ain’t been called a Drama Queen for nothing!

I am saying this because a friend commented that she could feel the fire in my post. She also pointed out that, in astrological terms, the asteroid named Pallas Athene had just entered the first degree of Aries (fire) and it’s in my sixth house which is about my career – writing. So my writing is being fired up and passionate, around social justice with Athene standing for justice and being prepared to fight for that justice, and  I found it interesting as I don’t have a lot of fire energy. It’s very hard for me to stand up for myself or to get engaged in arguments, I find it draining. But, courtesy of my sun in Libra and my ascendant in Libra, I have a burning desire for social justice. And I suppose “burning” is the key word. It used to be that, if you gave me someone who was down and out, I’d be there to defend them and their choices.  Luckily I happened to read the phrase: “You can’t be the Pied Piper for the whole world” because I was burning out trying to save everyone (even those who didn’t want to be saved!).  And, although I had a difficult relationship with my father, his domineering and bullying behaviour towards me taught me to stand up for myself and fight back.

Nowadays I don’t try to save the world. We each have to work out our own path for salvation, in whatever way salvation means to you. To me it’s to be true to your nature. Someone who has a lot of water signs would probably find anger very threatening and strange. Someone who had a predominance of earth signs might find an airy spirituality difficult but find great spiritual sustenance from working with the earth in various ways or organising against actions which damage the earth. And not everyone wants to take the road less travelled. For some it would be very difficult and uncomfortable and, here’s the keyword, not right because it’s not in their nature. If you are happy with your life and contented with your lot, if you feel deeply that you’re living your heart’s desire, then why change?  Living your heart’s desire is what counts, but not a desire not to change because of inertia or fear. Change for change’s sake is a bit of a waste of energy. Change, if you’re feeling frustrated or truly dissatisfied, can fire up your life and revitalise you.

I, for example, have a great deal of air signs so I’m always thinking, planning and writing down my ideas.  I have a very logical side which also says to me that the ultimate goal is peace, but in working towards that goal, it’s not always wise to accept the actions of others which transgress social justice and the rights of people, whether it be women, people of colour, people of different sexuality, or people of different size, choice and lifestyle.

Which is why I get angry.  I get fired up by injustice. I also happen to believe that turning the other cheek mostly doesn’t work, it simply encourages those who undermine the rights of others to pursue further excesses. Anger is challenging but I also happen to believe that it is an emotion which we need to embrace and deal with, not shove under the carpet because anger makes us uncomfortable. I remember the first ever art workshop I did where I discovered I could create pretty decent art. The workshop leader told how he also had been at a workshop where they were first asked to create a painting about peace. Then they had to create a painting about anger. Guess which one had the most power?

Anger is a very powerful emotion. And because of that, an angry woman is also viewed as very challenging and outside the norm.  We women are supposed to be nurturing, kind, caring, peaceable, self-effacing, quiet and dressing in ways acceptable in society.  You might say that all this is in the past, yet a recent study in Australia found that women who were quiet in the business world were more  highly regarded than women who were very voluble. On other  hand, there was far more respect for men who talked a lot, and not for men who were quiet. Such double standards operate subtly and are designed to enforce in unspoken ways how women are supposed to behave which aren’t threatening, loud or vehement. 

(Synchronistically, the underlining in the above paragraph turned up out of the blue, I have no idea where it came from  or how it manifested, and it won’t go away, so I guess it’s there for a reason!)

An angry woman is a dangerous woman.  She’s outside the ballpark.  She’s threatening.  She is a menace to the status quo. Why – she might infect other women!  Well, to be very truthful, I do hope I infect a lot of women to be wild, witchy and wise (if it feels right) – the keyword is “wise”.   I am not talking about violence. Violence begets violence and all too often alienates people.  I believe that passive resistance and new, creative ways to organise for what you believe in are constructive and empower so many more people. Listen to what resonates for you in the way you need to be wild and witchy and then be your authentic self – not a creation of anyone else, not trying to live up to impossible community standards, just do and be what makes you feel comfortable, in tune with your self and truly, truly ALIVE!

4 thoughts on “PEACE, ANGER AND WOMEN

  1. I SO love your blog, your writing, your musings. You speak the truth. From the heart!
    I too believe women are GREATLY discriminated against, especially when they express their female fire! BUT the time is ripe for women to take back their place on earth. To manifest powerfully, to be heard, and yes, to be angry and USE that anger to change their lives and yes, the planet.
    I am a 12th house Virgo with a Libra Ascendent. I too find it difficult to confront others openly. But since entering my Crone years, I am discovering a strength I thought I was lacking.
    So keep on keepin’ on. You inspire and validate us!


  2. Ditto the above.

    Funny that men want us to be soft, passive and nurturing and to live only to support and service them. How fucking convenient is that ? It’s a ruse, a lie, we are no more passive, soft and nurturing then men, we’re just totally, totally practised in it.


  3. Oh my….Mo you are one powerhouse…I love feisty women and especially ones with a sense of humour…You cover all the bases and you say it how it is….Wild and Witchy….lets all come out of the closet and take care of business


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