Yes, I’m in heaven because today I tracked down a shop called Deniz Plaza in central Kyrenia, which has three floors and is filled with stationery and art material. Can’t believe it’s all in one place and it’s a veritable treasure trove!

All my life I have loved pens, pencils, notebooks – writing materials of all sorts. I accumulate these in great quantities and gloat over them, savouring the feel of paper and admiring the look of pens and pencils in a variety of shapes and sizes. And here in this lovely shop, which I shall call Aladdin’s Cave from now on, I think, there are so many different writing instruments, delightful notebooks in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs, I felt like I’d hit paydirt.  I wandered around fingering everything, in paroxysms of utter delight.

And then I visited the third floor for the art materials, and I think I floated off to Nirvanaland!  It was packed with all sorts of paints in all sorts of colours, glitter paint, glitter paint pencils, crayons, art pencils, pastels, pastel pencils, acrylic paints, oil paints  – you name it, Deniz Plaza has it. And not to mention the huge variety of canvases including some in bright colours like red, blue and yellow. At the back there are sorts of sizes and colours of paper and board.

And my husband, who groaned and moaned when it hit the stationery/art shop, also succumbed to the lure of its glittering contents because he found heaps of gear for his model railway – how good is that?! 

Coming down to earth (which is hard because I”m still floating but my husband’s hanging on to one ankle), it’s a real relief for me to have found an art and stationery shop which is so well stocked as I was a bit worried about finding all the material I need for my art work in North Cyprus.  So my worries are over, the only difficulty will be in restraining myself from repeat visits to this lovely shop until we move into our new home and I have my space set up to resume my artwork. 

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