Years ago, when we were selling our property halfway up a mountain called Mt French, in south-east Queensland, my husband had a dream of a place he would move to.  He could see a lake or a sea between two mountains.  Over the years it has haunted him, and we have looked around all the various places we’ve visited and moved to, but never seen anything faintly remembering this dream.

And then yesterday I was telling a friend how we had driven from Buyukkonuk, on the Karpaz Peninsula, to Kyrenia the very first time and seen a stunning view of the blue, shimmering Mediterranean as we crested a hill between two mountains and saw the sea stretching out before us on a cloudless day with bright, blue sunshine.

Mediterranean with Turkish coastline

As I was telling my friend of this wonderful view,  Bryan suddenly realised that this was the view he’d seen in his dream over a decade ago. I guess we were both so tired and jet-lagged, he hadn’t made the conscious connection until now.

It is, of course, a real relief to finally have the mystery dream resolved, perhaps further confirmation that we made the right decision to move to this lovely island. I know I still get shivers down my spine at the realisation that the stylised “A” I’ve been drawing all my life relates to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Cyprus.

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