I have been sitting here in North Cyprus this afternoon gloating over my latest treasure, Rose Otto essential oil, diluted 1:8, 20 ml, and only costing $12.50. Why?  Because Turkey produces heaps of rose oil and I am living in what is officially the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and, for postal purposes, it’s known as Mersin 10, Turkey.

The pharmacy where I bought this is stocked with so many lovely items.  I currently have two bars of soap which are beautiful: one is scented with Frankincense and the other with Patchouli and Cedarwood. They are handmade and feel SO luxurious.

Stooging around the pharmacy I also found a heap of delightful Yves Rocher products, and the one I currently have my eye on is the vanilla-scented shower gel.  I LOVE vanilla, so it’s on my “to buy” list.  There are also different sorts of  essential oils and all sorts of other lovely soaps and shower gels.

I have never gone for rose essential oil, but all of a  sudden I can’t get enough of it. It’s all over my hands where I had to get the seal off (real hardship, that was), and I’m admiring the dinky little tap it has on the cap, which you unscrew when you want to inhale the oil or pour drops into a carrier oil to use for massage. I’m in my element in this lovely island, it’s as if Aphrodite has embraced me and I her with equal fervour. 


  1. Thanks, Tammy. I do have to be honest and say that I’ve really only felt a bit more lively since I got the massage on Friday. It’s relieved a lot of aches and pains and got me grounded. And yes, of course I’m going to treat myself to another one!


  2. Mmmm.. Smells.. err.. sounds enchantingly decadent! I also love vanilla. There is not yet a smell in a bottle tho that can come close to comparing to the natural smell of wild roses deep in the woods. However, maybe I haven’t a chance to smell true rose otto essencial oil. 🙂


    • I have to admit that I’ve never been a great fan of rose essential oil but I can’t get enough of it at present, I’m wearing it as a perfume and it’s absolutely divine. So next step of course is to indulge in the vanilla!


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