As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve been tracking down the local markets and I’m pleased to say I’ve found some stalls which have my favourite goodies – rocks and crystals.  This time it’s been crystal jewellery. The first I came across was this lovely rose quartz pendant.  I always hold crystals to get a

Rose Quartz Pendant

sense of how I feel with them, and this one – the third one I held  – was the one which really resonated for me.  It feels calm, loving and kind, and it’s helping me adapt to the emotional upheaval of leaving Australia, all my very good friends there and settling in a completely  new country back in the Northern Hemisphere.

This week I found a lovely little stall at the big market near our holiday apartment where the owner makes her own jewellery – all sorts including various beads but also crystal pieces too. My husband rolls his eyes because he knows I’m absolutely drawn to the presence of crystals, but now he has adopted a bemused, tolerant attitude towards my  mania for rocks, stones and crystals!

Sure enough, I found a lovely amethyst bracelet which feels great, and also a fluorite bracelet which the stall-owner is lengthening for me and which I’ll pick up next week.  Here’s the amethyst bracelet:

I was also going to buy an amethyst pendant and felt a bit uncertain about it, until …….  DADAAA ……. I noticed a beautiful chrysocolla necklace right at the back.  Since I came to North Cyprus I’ve been really drawn to chrysocolla. It’s a fantastic stone and I get the feeling that, for me, it is Aphrodite’s rock.  Aphrodite is the goddess of Cyprus. She is reputed to have emerged from the waves close to a rock near Paphos in the south, now known as Aphrodite’s Rock.   Aphrodite’s Pool and the  Sanctuary of Aphrodite also exist around the Paphos-Limassol area, and the spirit of Aphrodite permeates the atmosphere of Cyprus.

Since I bought the rose quartz necklace, I’ve been tuning in to how I feel about Aphrodite.  She was a powerful goddess because she embodied love, the most powerful energy in the Universe as far as I’m concerned. But I’ve always been a bit peeved by Botticelli’s version of Venus rising from the foamy seas because, well, it’s so damned wimpy.  It’s a man’s idea of a maidenly-looking woman who looks basically like a wet fish as far as I’m concerned.  When you think about it, love is incredibly powerful and Aphrodite wielded enormous power as the embodiment of love. So I really don’t see her having the very soft energy of rose quartz. But I do envision her embodying the very power of chrysocolla with it’s sea-green colours and its radiant energies. Well, they’re radiant energies for me! 

So here’s a pic of the necklace which I love, particularly the shape of the stones.  And here’s a pic of the chrysocolla polished stone which I brought with me because I knew somehow that this stone would be important in North Cyprus:

Chrysocolla polished stone - underside
Chrysocolla Polished Stone - Upper side

What I find interesting about this particular stone is that it’s a mixture of chrysocolla (redolent to me of powerful emotions, sea connections, power of love), cuprite (grounding of love, being able to radiate love) and turquoise (healing through the power of love). 

Our gear from Australia arrives in mid-April and around that time we are moving into our new apartment. I am SO looking forward to unpacking the boxes and boxes of crystals and various rocks I have packed away and showing them the light of day in this beautiful island.  I’m sure they’ll settle in nicely and feel as happy and content here as I do!

5 thoughts on “ROCKS, ROCKS & MORE ROCKS……

  1. Mo ! Such a lovely stone post, love how the chrysocolla is working with you …wonderful !
    I am very interested in how the vibe of the rocks in Oz (were they red in your area ?) differ from the vibe of the white rock in Cyprus.

    Wearing rose quartz today plus added amethyst ring for calming, labradorite to roll with the changes of Sun + Uranus today. Aspect is setting off my Sun/Ura/Pluto in natal, so loaded up with allies 🙂 to calm the jitters.

    Great intuitive crystal post Mo ~ well done ! xo


  2. Hiya, Darl – glad you enjoyed the post. I haven’t really sorted myself out yet, to be very honest. I’m looking forward to 16th April and thereafter when our gear gets here from Australia and when we’ll be in our new home and I can unpack and get really grounded. I must say, I feel incredibly comfortable here, and for some reason rocks are really getting my attention again. Interesting. I’m looking forward to unpacking al my boxes of crystals, such fun reconnecting, and there’s a lovely shelf in the balcony off my workroom where I hope they’ll all fit. Bryan’s going to fix up a back wall for me so the sun doesn’t shine directly on them.


    • Wonderful, your hubby can garden while you re-create your space. Just don’t set your crystals up while you watch t.v. (like I did years ago) unless you Want to do Experiments 🙂 in turning a 2 hour movie into a 3 hour movie. xo
      I recently spoke to a friend about mountains here in the US and we agreed the Smoky mts have a calm older, wise energy, (what she called ‘old man’ feel to them) so I’m looking forward to more rock insights as you settle in. I don’t travel, except via internet, so thanks for all the lovely posts !


  3. I know what you mean about mountain energy. When we lived in northern New South Wales, close to the Queensland border, near the coast was a powerful mountain called Wollumbin or Mt Warning. It was a sacred space for the Aboriginal people of that area and when you stood on the lower slopes, you could feel an ancient, warm, welcoming energy. By contrast, close to where we lived inland in the mountain range, there was a lone, huge peak called Mt Lindesay and the energy of this was dark and inimicable. It had an invisible “keep off” sign. My husband felt exactly the same: “come near me and you’ll regret it” energy from the mountain. I later found that there was a cave in this mountain where the local medicine men would “sing” a person to eternal sleep, in other words, they put a hex on the person who eventually carked it. When we lived on Mt French, in South-East Queensland, our Aboriginal friend wouldn’t go higher than our house as beyond was “men’s business and sacred land”. The Glasshouse Mountains were the same – one was sacred to men and men’s sacred business”, while another was sacred to women and women’s business, and neither men nor women would approach the mountain which was forbidden territory to their sex. It’s interesting when you look at the white history of Aboriginal culture, as white explorers were pretty much all male, who interacted with the men of the tribes and ignored the women so were completely unaware that a parallel women’s “sacred business” existed. For both men and women, unless you’re initiated into a tribe or totem, only the most superficial information about Aboriginal culture is brought into the open, while the most sacred remains hidden to the custodians of the tribe.


  4. Fascinating ~ and quite right for women to have our own space for doing our own sacred rituals.
    Our power operates differently, just as powerful but feminine in expression.
    What I wonder bought one mountain to be feminine and the other masculine..?
    Ancient wisdoms, so fascinating…will ponder !


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