Years ago I was fairly conventional until I moved to a small country town in South-East Queensland, Boonah, where I underwent a seachange. Or rock change, perhaps, as we were inland, nowhere near the sea and our town was in a sort of basin surrounded by Mountains. The region is called the Scenic Rim and is really beautiful.

I suddenly connected with rocks, stones and crystals and could see faces in rocks. Quite easily, much to my surprise and shock.  Sometimes it’s easy to see faces. When you drive up the coast of Queensland past Brisbane and come to the Glasshouse Mountains, you can clearly see an Aboriginal face on the south side of one of the mountains and it’s quite benign. When you get to the other side, you can also see an Aboriginal elder face which looks much sterner.

This is all leading up to recent times, our selling our home and staying in a motel in Coffs Harbour prior to flying to Perth in Western Australia. On our wall was a photo of The Three Sisters rock formation in the Blue Mountains behind Sydney. I had to take a photo from the side as the flash obscured the painting’s details.

But I can clearly see in the middle face a female Buddha face, on the far face on the right a rather pugilistic looking face, and to the left a piggish looking face which looks quite glum.

And here’s the good thing – for the first time, when I got my husband to look, he could see the faces too!  I have a convert!!!!!!

Here’s the painting face on below, it’s a wonderful rock formation, and the name Three Sisters comes from an Aboriginal Dreamtime story. I had to edit it slightly which obscures the faces on the side a bit but I’d just recommend, next time you’re passing through rocky, mountainous terrain, keep your eyes open for faces in the rocks.  If you’re aware and open to a higher awareness, you’ll be rewarded with faces looking back at you as the rock spirits open up to your invitation to show themselves.


2 thoughts on “ROCK FACES

  1. It will be interesting to see what other rock faces catch your eye as you travel to your new home……I’m a person who lives surrounded by rocks and have done all my life – even in the years when I was not near the ocean there were mountains and rocks… family – both sides – came to Canada from places that were rocky – Barra in Scotland and Rose Blanche in Newfoundland… I’m totally in tune with your connection to rocks and stones and the faces and energy they nurture…..
    love ya


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