I am delighted to announce the arrival in my wardrobe of this – ahem – extremely bright, colourful coat, picked up on sale at TS14+ . As you can see, this packs a punch!

My husband reeled back as I emerged from the changing room looking like a multi-coloured rainbow, he prefers plain colours, but I just LUUURRRRVVVE what I call the  “Ken Done” colours. Ken Done is an Australian artist who creates amazingly brightly coloured artworks which reflect the hot landscape of Australia.

Years ago when I suffered depression, I used to wear black a lot.  Not only did it reflect my downbeat mood, I also thought it made me look thinner. Then I realised one day I looked like a fat women wearing black to look thin, and still looked fat, so I went out and bought myself the most brightly-coloured “Ken Done” dress I could find. It actually leaves the jacket in the photo for dead.

But it marked a turning point for me. I started to release the depression and, as I did so, I swore I’d never, ever again wear such dreary colours again, nor would I slop around in unkempt clothes and look like a slob, as I had in the midst of the big-time blues.

My Ken Done dress was cotton and eventually wore out due to constant use. What I did discover was that, as I brightened up and also started wearing flashier colours, people began to open up to me more, smile at me and respond far more positively.  I remember one woman walking up to me and saying with a huge grin: “I LOVE your dress, the colours are gorgeous”.  It did wonders for my well-being, and to this day I mostly wear bright colours.  I do wear black occasionally, if I’m in the mood but generally ensure I’m wearing a bright jacket, scarf or jewellery to lighten the impact.

So if you see a woman with purple hair doing a hop, skip and jump in front of you and wearing a bright, dazzling jacket – that’ll be me.  Stop me and say hello!


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