Sweet scent in small package

Last summer my husband and I would appreciatively sniff the most beautiful scent which used to waft through our home in the evenings.  We thought it might be from the flowers on the trumpet tree in our neighbour’s garden, but the scent continued after those flowers had died off.

Then a couple of nights ago, on my  evening walk (just want to boast gently about my exercise routine!), I came across the bush/creeper which produces this scent.  I got a whiff of it

a few houses  away and then was overwhelmed by the sweet, heavy scent as I got closer to the front garden of a house a bit further up the road. This is what this sweet-scented creeper looks like – very small, pale green trumpet-shaped flowers which get no bigger than the present size.

In fact, the scent is so strong, we had to put this small cutting outside in the evening, which is when the scent is heaviest. During the day, this little sprig smelt of nothing, but last night the scent started wafting through the house again, although not so strong as when I first bought this bunch of flowers home.

I thought I’d post it because, you never know, someone might recognise it. I have no idea whether it’s a native or introduced plant.  But also, it just seemed to me that big surprises come in little packages and this innocuous little plant really has plenty of bang for its rather bland looking appearance.  Bit of a lesson in not taking things at face value, and looking below the surface.

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