I’ve just had a constructive time revamping the appearance of my blog and I’m really pleased.  I found a new template on WordPress and the format suits the me that is moving into a new part of my life. I’ve also s hut down my old blog on Blogger as, now I’ve worked out the ways and means of WordPress, I prefer this format.

I’ve been letting go of people with whom I have little contact now.  I tend to hang on to contacts, I value friendships, but  sometimes you have to acknowledge that you – and they – have moved onto different parts of our lives. While the good memories remain, new people will arrive for me and the people I’ve known in the past who also are moving in new directions.

We have also just sold our house, the formal completion of our contract went through on December 21st, the Summer Solstice in Australia, and the settlement (the day we move out and hand over to the new owner) is February 1st. So I’ve been busy setting up new accounts for our overseas travel and establishing a new e-mail address to use while we’re in transit.

We are going to have a break in Perth, Western Australia, where we both lived for a long time and where we have lots of friends.  It will give us time to have a rest, catch up with friends and get ready for our next leap into the unknown – the move to North Cyprus in the Mediterranean.

We will be flying to Turkey via Kuala Lumpur, then spending a couple of nights in Istanbul, before finally heading off to North Cyprus.  We will rent for a couple of months or longer while we scout around for a new home.  We have made this decision as our family is in the UK, so we will be much closer.  We can’t handle the cold weather in the UK after so many years in sunny Australia with most of our time spent in sub-tropical climates, but being in Cyprus we can get cheap flights to the UK and long haul flights will become a distant memory.

So now my husband is busy packing as Bryan is the super-packer of the two of us, he reckons I’d still be packing two days after we leave the house, and we have started lining up all the house contents we’ll be selling or giving away before we move.  Some of our gear – a Buddha statue and gardening tools my husband won’t be taking – went to our next door neighbour’s today, we’ll be putting up notices of furniture we’re selling, plus other notices to sell our Subaru Outlook, so all that will be travelling to meet us in Cyprus will be heaps of boxes of personal belongings.  We don’t take furniture as the removal costs are generally more than the furniture is worth, and when you get to your new destination, you can buy there what you need that suits your new home.

So at some time towards the end of January there’ll be some gaps in posts as we set off as gypsy travellers on our next new adventures.  I’ll wind up with my favourite saying: “Onwards and upwards, teacups!”.


3 thoughts on “CHANGES AFOOT!

  1. Playing catchup on your blogs. Am loving the pictures you’re including – this one is pretty spectacular. And sitting back in awe and wonder at your pioneering spirit. I don’t know that I could deal with that much of an uprooting at this time in my life (read: ever). It sounds as if it is all in hand and I hope it continues smoothly for you!


  2. Ahhhh Mo, I am so happy this was settled so soon and although I know you’ll be moving fast for some days here and there – you are moving forward towards new adventure and excitement. I agree with Tammy, I so wish I had just a little bit of your pioneering spirit, so I could propel myself into this new life that is opening for me instead of trundling along at tortoise speed….ah well I guess tortoise energy is what’s best for me right here and right now…..I’ll be keeping you in love and light as your adventure unfolds……
    love ya


  3. I have to be honest and say that, as I need a walking stick, I think the photo is a bit of wishful thinking, more spirit flying than physical flying. I must admit that I am very nervous about our move but yesterday we had an eagle fly over the house, and that’s usually a sign for us that all will be well in our moves. Interestingly, we have realised that our stay in Victoria enabled us to say that we can’t handle cold weather, while the stay here has made us realise that our time in Australia has finished – whether for the time being or otherwise I have no idea. It started when I nearly died of heatstroke which brought our mortality into our faces, and we decided we really wanted to be closer to family. Bryan’s two younger children have made contact with him, he’s over the moon about that, so being in Cyprus will mean we’re closer to family but can enjoy a climate similar to Australia. I’m busy practising my Turkish. I have, by the way, found very useful information on the “f” word in Turkish. I now know it in French, German and Turkish so I’m sure I’ll survive on my travels with this handy weapon up my sleeve – lololol.


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