The content of this blog occurred to me yesterday as I was reading a post on Mystic Medusa’s website on Paris Hilton.  I abhor the shallowness and seediness of empty-headed, self-absorbed, so-called “celebrities” whose only function is to generate publicity and money about their vacuous doings. It caused me to reflect on women who I … More WOMEN I HONOUR


I went for a week earlier this morning which is just as well as it’s pouring with rain now.  I usually visit the small park at the bottom of our hill, and walk to the bridge spanning the river that flows past the park.  The river is just down from where two creeks become one … More RIVER REFLECTIONS


I have been poking buttons in all directions to get this blog connected to Facebook, so this is a trial run to see if it works okay.  Since Time Line came in, it has stuffed up all connections between  my Networked Blogs and Purplicious Passion Path blog on Facebook and it has been a right … More TEST RUN


I was going to label this blog “Animal Totems” until I realised that my totems are a spider and two birds, so “Nature Totems” it is. In 2006 I did a soul retrieval process which included connecting with my primary totem. The arrival of this totem, a spider, was rather apt as at the time … More NATURE TOTEMS


Today we sat and watched the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.  It’s a classic blue water race which attracts top competitors from around the world. It brought back memories for us as we met in April 1977 and on Boxing Day of that year we were in Sydney, where Bryan went with … More NOSTALGIA