Our garden is going full bore now it’s spring, the days are much warmer and we’ve had quite a bit of rain.  So here are some flowers from our garden, some of them known (well, I’m not much of a gardener, but even I can identify roses, lol) while some are a complete mystery to us.

This is the Blue Moon rose which we planted last year. It’s been a bit iffy about growing but has finally decided to come good, although I’m not sure whether it’s the pats on the head from me or the threat to rip it out if it doesn’t show a sign of life from my husband. The latter, I think!

And below is a pic of rather pretty little, fluffy pink flower which has finally appeared on a tree which was hanging on in our garden when we got here. I say “hanging on” because the previous owner clearly wasn’t much of a gardener and the little tree had a very precarious hold on life. But my husband’s a great gardener, he tried a couple of positions for the tree, and finally planted it on the corner of our house to give it shade from the morning and early afternoon shade. We have no idea what this tree is, it’s grown steadily but this is the first year that flowers have appeared.  They start in the middle and we missed them at first as they’re hardly visible, and then they start appearing on the outside of the tree.  The tree is going great guns now, I’m pleased to say, and I hope it continues to thrive.

The flower below is from a bush in our garden and again, we have no idea what it is, just that these magnificent flowers turn up in late spring, don’t last long, but look lovely.

This bush is in the corner of our garden and it’s where we buried out lovely little Jack Russell, Rosie, just after we arrived here. She died of old age, and it seemed a fitting space for her. The bush has now grown over her burial spot and we think it’s a fitting memorial to our memory of a very  kind, loving little dog – and yes, I still feel tearful when I write this and think of our dear little dog who was with us for 16.5 years. She had a good innings – she travelled with us from Western Australia to Queensland; then to Scotland; back to Western Australia; over to Canberra and up northern New South Wales, then to Victoria, and finally to here on the mid-north coast of NSW.

This pic is of the native iris, a beautiful plant which flowers profusely this time of the year.  The flowers don’t last long, perhaps a day, but they’re very prolific.

And finally,  below is a pic of another one of our mystery flowers which could be an iris or a lily or whatever. The flower appears on the leaf itself and is out for about a day.  We noticed it by accident because it’s the first time it’s bloomed since we’ve been here. One of the pleasures of moving into a new garden is seeing the new plants and blossoms which appear over time as a rather nice surprise in a garden which changes so much with the seasons and over the years.

6 thoughts on “ROSES & MYSTERY FLOWERS

  1. Lovely to have a look in your garden Mo, and a peek at your mystery flowers as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn over a leaf and find the species label clearly printed out? But whatever they are they’re lovely.


    1. Bryan read your comment and said, yes, he’d love to find flowers, bushes and trees coming ready labelled, lol, make his life much easier!


  2. Mo, these flowers are gorgeous ! I love seeing all the flowers in your area which are so different from the flatlands in the USA where I live, so thank you !
    Such a lovely garden tribute to your friend, Rosie, too.


    1. It’s funny how we look at other areas and think how good they look. I’d love to hear loons and whipoorwills (is that the right spelling?), and to look at humming birds. But I have to be honest and say that I love being able to see eagles here, see tiny blue wrens bopping around in the back yard and watch the bobbing around of my favourite bird, the Willy Wagtail – and yes, it does wag its tail like crazy.


  3. Ahhhhh….spring flowers – what a treat……..I’ll have you know I have many plants in my garden, that I planted myself and can’t remember their names……ah well….these golden years bring some interesting glitches in our lives and our minds…..never mind, they’re all so lovely especially as I sit looking at my very drab (today) fall landscape…..

    love ya


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