We went out on our back verandah last night to move our chair cushions away from the front edge as it was pouring with rain due to a heavy thunderstorm moving over. And this is what we found sitting on the cushions of the chair below our kitchen window, cute, arent’ they?

They’re Green Tree Frogs, and they’re about the size of a fist.  Their colour can vary from the bright green of these two, probably because they’re in the light of our kitchen, to a darker green which is the colour of the one on our front verandah, which we also found lurking last night.

This one is a darker green and is a regular on our verandah.  He’s also a regular at climbing into the drainpipe and croaking like the clappers which, of course is extremely noisy as the sound gets exacerbated by the close confines as well as echoing!

In case you think these little guys are sheltering from the rain, think again.  This is the season of the little Golden Beetles which turn up in droves from time to time.  The end up in swarms on the front and back windows, attracted by the lights, and we have had to fill all then nooks and crannies in the  back and front doors which had even the tiniest gap as these little sods would fight their way in . At one time I thought of re-naming our home: The Golden Beetle Rescue Centre as we were always picking them up and putting them outdoors.  The trouble is, they crawl or fly in, then fly around until they bump into something, then flop onto their backs with their little legs waggling furiously, unable to flip over. And they look really pathetic, so we take pity on them and return them to the outdoors.

So our kindly-looking, rather laid-back frogs are hanging around, trying to look innocuous and harmless, because they’re on a Golden Beetle eating expedition. And I must say, they seem to be fairly successful because they’re pretty plump and looking very well-fed. This is a close-up of the fattest frog. Don’t be fooled, folks, this is a Killer Frog, lurking in waiting for his victims – the Hannibal Lecter of the frog world!

4 thoughts on “FROGS GALORE

  1. I love frogs as long as they stay outside. When we lived in Queensland, as like as not you might find a frog camping out in the toilet, they climb up the pipes. And once one got trapped in our house, I heard the commotion and found it bellowing at our 3 cats and 1 dog staring at it in absolute amazement, picked it up and, well, the damned thing peed all over me, a protective mechanism. A fine way to thank me for freeing it to the great outside!


  2. Those green frogs are amazing……we only have the regular brand in this neck of the woods…but I was introduced to those lovely green cuties years ago by a friend who collected (much to my horror because I feel wild folks need to be free) all sorts of critters that he kept in the basement. So thanks for the photos and the story — knowing those lovelies are free to hunt the beetles and just be on your porch is ineed a bright spot for my day


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