I’ve been playing around with Photoshop this afternoon and this is the result.  I’ve discovered tools I never knew existed, had lots of experiments and ended up with a quite different picture to the original which started off in shades of blue and looked very wimpy.  I did manage to get movement in the Photoshop … More PLAYING WITH PHOTOSHOP


We had the Car International Car Rally in our little town of Bowraville yesterday, complete with racing cars, stewards, police cars, ambulances, tow trucks (one car got skittled), emergency service workers, a Lions catering van, enough visitors to cause a traffic jam on our quiet main road, and helicopters overhead. I know that this is … More TIME TO GROW UP


I was watching a TV programme called “Coast” the other night.  It travels around the UK coast looking at different sections with its history, events and geography.  In the episode I was watching, a tragedy was covered in, if I remember correctly, the Fair Isles where a family drowned in a huge storm.  What I … More CHANGING TIMES