One of the things I’ve been urging people to embrace is to be themselves, to be true to who they came into this world to be, to sing their own song, and to sort out what your own integrity and honour is regardless of what those around you say or what strictures are laid down by society. 
es, it’s a hard ask and I freely admit there is no easy way to live with your heart and soul.  It can cause anxiety, stress, upheaval and lots of courage. Sometimes the road is hard and we need to pause, take some time out, care for ourselves and nurture our inner spirit.  That’s the road less travelled here on Earth – not the easy one where you  just please everyone, but the undiscovered one, the trail through the unknown, to uncover what has been hidden, to pull back the branches and leaves and find your own clear centre which is yours and yours alone.
With the proviso “An’ it harm none”, or another couple I like to work with: “Under grace, in a perfect way”; and “whatever is in my highest interests and the highest interests of the Universe.
Why am I writing this?  Because Saturn is in Libra at present, and Libra is my Sun  sign and my Ascendant sign.  I am under the Venusian influence and I think it’s pretty good and nifty.  However, I found myself recently trying to stuff myself into a  Saturn house which is not for me.  I rather envied being tidy and, as I can be quite fanatical, I went overboard.  The house is picture perfect (which makes my husband very nervous as he now can’t find anything and in our 34-year relationship I’ve never been tidy), my desk is clear, and the bedroom no longer is a receptacle for all my clothes although I did used to know what clothes were lying in the heap on the floor beside the bed.  Now my clothes are on hangers, which are all facing the same way.  Everything’s organised into clothing types and colours.  I’ve discarded clothes which really didn’t suit me.  I got my exercise regime sorted – walking; arm exercises with weights; leg exercises with care due to the arthritis in my spine. And I’ve become more energised and healthy.
But somewhere along the line my creativity went missing in action. It took a while to work out, I just felt generally disorganised and directionless. And then I realised, oops, my creativity had gone down the gurgler as I’d tried to stuff myself into a tidy, square hole when I fit into an untidy, round hole of my own making.  So I’ve made a bargain with myself – the bedroom stays tidy as it is rather nice to be able to find my clothes and know exactly what is in my wardrobe, but my creativity and untidiness are now allowed to rampage around in my workroom and create whatever mess is needed to get my creative work up and running.  
I found it interesting that as soon as I’d sorted this out, I started getting an image of some artwork I felt drawn to create, something which hasn’t happened to me for ages.
And there’s more. I don’t know about other people, but as I’ve been sorting out what spiritual stuff works for me, I did feel that I ought (isn’t that a ghastly word?) to be very spiritual and uplifting and perhaps not too preoccupied with earthly matters as these are a distraction from the path to the Sacred/Divine/God/Goddess, whatever is your call in these matters. Well, really, for me it’s a heap of old cobblers.  I am a double Libran – Libra Sun, Libra rising – and my Moon is in Aquarius which is all about social justice, peace, fairness, equity, compassion, society as a whole, tolerance, in other words, liberal, left stuff.
So I decided that I really need to out myself as a riotous, left-leaning, bleeding heart liberal.
I’ve found in recent times that there’s been a move to the right and repression which has seen much scorn poured on those who believe that the inequitable distribution of wealth is unacceptable; who believe that women have the right to stand up and speak against sexism wherever it rears its ugly head; or on those who say that racism is unacceptable, ugly and just plain downright rude.  And yes, I support gay rights, for gay people to be treated with respect and politeness, and for gay marriage because for me the only bedrock of a relationship is the presence of love.
Now in fact, I’m honouring Saturn by making this commitment to be authentic to myself and to live my life with an integrity which I feel I need to uphold.  I don’t mean to be sanctimonious about this.  I respect the fact that each of us has a different path to follow.  I wonder for example whether George W. Bush, who is widely pilloried and disliked, might perhaps have chosen a life path where his actions inspire others to organise for peace and an end to warfare.  Who knows?  There is so much mystery about life on earth that the best we can do is walk our own walk, talk our own talk and be true to what is right for us. 

So hasta la vista from this newly liberated leftie liberal, and hello to all of you who embrace being exactly who you are and hold your head up with pride as you live a BIG life, not a little lie.


The premature and tragic death of singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse really seemed to touch a chord among many, many people. Drugs and alcohol can really have a devastating effect on lives, but it also caused me to ponder on the question of addiction generally.
This morning I was listening to a poet and folklorist who said he’d abused alcohol to be the person he thought people wanted him to be as he didn’t think if he was the person he was people would like him. Hope this makes sense, it’s a bit convoluted! I know in my early drinking days I had a lot of anxiety which I really couldn’t pin down so I drank to be the bright, outgoing person I thought I ought to be, rather than acknowledge the fact that I am actually quite an introverted, sensitive person. I drank to maintain an image of over-achiever, Type A, always bright and best, because of the conditioning I got in my early years and the hard shell I built up to protect me from my father’s bullying ways. 
Yes, I love now inter-acting with people and I’ve made deep, true friendships over the years. But I’ve also realised I don’t need to be “out there” all the time, it’s fine to be myself, a bit whacko, needing to be on my own quite a lot, and enjoying writing and creating art, something I never knew I was capable of in my early days. 
So back to the question of addiction. We look at it in terms of substance abuse – drugs, alcohol, food, tobacco, and so on. But so many people these days are addicted to work, or to spending hours working out furiously in a gym, or driving their bodies in some other way, all to prove they’re in control, they’re living up to the demands of perfect body/perfect fashion/perfect athlete/perfect whatever. If we were to dig deep, how many of us would admit that we’re trying to live up to the images of successful people considered acceptable in our society today? 
It’s why I started the course I’m running on Facebook, the Purplicious Passion Party – to show ways in which you can come to know yourself, to love yourself just the way you are, and to live a life where you make choices which are based on love, compassion and tolerance, not hate, greed and judgement. 
In winding up I want to pay tribute to Cyndi Briggs, who listened to her heart, threw in a full-time job with all its rewards and pats on the head, and started a new life where she is happy, fulfilled and doing what feeds her spirit and soul. A true achiever – on her own terms, not on society’s demands, and a real inspiration to so many of us!

One of the reasons I love living in a rural area is that you get close up with nature.  Yesterday I walked out into our kitchen and saw a mob of Eastern Spinebills getting stuck into the flowers of our grevilleas which are in full bloom.  Birds love grevillea flowers and their abundant nectar, and you see many having a good feed on these beautiful flowers.  I love the Spinebills because they’re quite tiny,  have very pretty colours as the flit around and on occasion they hover just like a hummingbird when they’re feeding.  They move very quickly it’s lovely watching the whole mob flashing in and out of the plants in our garden. Here’s a pic:

And then this morning I was looking out of the kitchen window again when a large honeyeater landed on the edge of the verandah giving me a really good view of the bird, then flew up to one of our hanging baskets, had a poke into the flowers of one of the plants, then flew around the verandah before finally flying off.

We’re also aware now that Spring is approaching as birds have been attacking the coir filling of our hanging baskets for material for their nests.  We’re happy to provide nesting materials and it’s fun watching them land and pull out material before they fly back to their nest.  We think we have a pair of doves and a pair of honeyeaters nesting in the big tree at the back of our garden.

We walked out of the supermarket on Friday and saw, again, a wedge-tailed eagle flying high in the sky.  They’re very distinctive because of their size and wedge-shaped tail, and they glide on the thermals without having to flap their wings a lot.  The other distinctive feature is that they’re usually under attack from crows who very bravely dive-bomb eagles regardless of the disparity in size between the two birds.  It’s rather like watching a Lancaster bomber droning along with small Spitfires attacking it.

You also become aware of the migratory habits of birds. In the spring and summer we get woken by the raucous laughs of the Kookaburras in quite large numbers as dawn approaches. It’s a way of marking their territory and sometimes it’s so loud you find yourself jumping in bed as they wake you up.  And then as autumn and winter turn up, the kookas disappear, you can still hear them but in distant locations.  In summer the place is alive with rainbow lorikeets and I’m rather proud of the photo I took of one at the side of our garden as they’re very fast-moving birds. In winter the lorikeets disappear but again, we know spring is approaching as they’ve started appearing in the big tree at the back of our garden.

We also get around here in winter big flocks of rather elegant looking birds, they’re sleek, silver-grey and have black heads.  These are black-faced cuckoo shrikes and they are very busy birds, always landing, then flying around, landing and taking off. And they are social birds, always found with other birds. As spring is approaching, they seem to have shot through to fresh pastures and you don’t see them around so often these days.

And of course we have all sort of plants starting to flower, the way being led by our magnolia tree which is deciduous, so we’ve ha d a lovely pink-white flower display, and now the leaves have started appearing.  Our prostate tea-tree is covered in small pink flowers, the white tea-tree at the side of our home has just started blossoming, as has the white May bush beside it which looks an absolute picture when it’s in full bloom and is covered in dense white blossoms. This picture is of the bush in full bloom last year.



I’ve had some interesting times recently. I got a severely trapped sciatic nerve about a month ago which was absolutely excruciating. Luckily I got a recommendation to an osteopath who helped settled matters in a couple of visits. But the stress of the severe pain sparked a flare-up of fungal infection which needed medical treatment, and then I ended up with a flare-up of fibromyalgia.  Things were settling down when I decided to try out a copper bracelet to see if it eased the aches and pains of the fibro.  No, it didn’t. Yesterday I woke up at precisely 7am with a migraine and spent most of the day in bed. This morning I woke up with a migraine again at precisely 7am, would you believe. I managed to surface about 10am and was sitting on the sofa with an aching head, read to go back to bed, when I felt the urge to take off the bracelet. And “POP”, it was if a whole heap of stuff which had boiled up was released. And my headache vanished within minutes. Amazing stuff, eh?

I feel absolutely terrific now, much more energised and focused, as if somehow I’ve released a whole heap of stuck stuff that was holding me back.  How good is that, eh?

So this afternoon I felt drawn to create a small altar in the corner of my worktable with the many feathers I’ve gathered over the years – crow, kookaburra, rainbow lorikeet, dove, pigeon, and coucal (a  member of the cuckoo family).  I’ve put them in a nice black bowl surrounded by a set of runes I created a while back from stones I gathered on my favourite beach,  Scotts Head Beach, about 30 minutes from here.  Here’s a pick of feathers and rune stones:

I’m also very pleased that two videos I made on creative visualisations to connect with one’s Moon and Ascendant signs uploaded correctly.  So there’s a feeling of “onwards and upwards, teacups”.

I’ve also persuaded my husband to join in a ritual later this evening to give thanks to our house for the gifts it has generously provided to us in our time here, and to release it now to a new owner, so that we can head off at the right time to a new home which is right for us, in the right place, available at the right time and at the right place.  It doesn’t mean that we’ll necessarily sell our home overnight, but it provides an act of gratitude to our lovely little home with the hope that with the grace of the Sacred the next owner will benefit as much as we have as we hitch up our gypsy  caravan once again to mosey on off towards the horizon and new adventures!


I’m running a course on Facebook called “The Publicious Passion Path” and I’m re-posting here something I wrote recently.
I came across a saying today which I can relate to because all my life I have felt that I didn’t fit it in: “Eccentricity is the first sign of giftedness”, a saying of Clarissa Estola Pinkes’ Aunt Edna. I think there are many of us who dance to a different drummer and it’s hard when everyone else seems to be normal and you aren’t. It’s one of the reasons I started this course – to help you find out who you are and to honour that person, to be true to your integrity and your soul purpose

I never used to believe in all the fuss about 2012, and quite frankly thought it was a load of old bollocks. But as I’ve been delving deeper into astrology, as I’ve been linking events with galactic movements, I’ve come to realise that we are part of a great change in history. I don’t believe in the end of the world guff, nor a sudden conversion to light and love overnight for every person. Nothing has ever worked like that in the history of this planet and it’s egotistical to think that things will change miraculously just because we happen to be living at this time.

But huge changes are underway nevertheless. We are not only seeing a shift in world affairs, as developing nations rise in influence to challenge the former hegemony of Western nations.

We’re also approaching a time when when we need to face the challenge of living differently – because we cannot continue using up the Earth’s resources like mindless lemmings rushing to our own extinction. If we look around we see unhappy societies in Western nations – I happen to believe that living to shop, rather than shopping to live, has virtually run it’s course because it isn’t emotionally or spiritually satisfying in the long run.

So of course at this time there is a lot fear. But who wants to live in fear, for goodness sake? I just love the saying of the film director, Baz Lurhman: “A life lived in fear is a life half-lived”. Onwards and upwards, teacups!

We are the forward game, so to speak, those who came into this life to take a leading position in moving towards the future, to help people face the challenge of fear and to help them open up to true Divinity, which is working with the Sacred however it manifests for them, because we’re all different.

I do respect people’s religious beliefs, but I do have to be honest about my own spiritual path. Religions, with all due respect, seem to me to cater for fear and control, an approach which is from the past and is rapidly becoming outmoded. We are seeing what I call a de-spiriting in Western society – reflected in the searching for a spiritual path, for a Sacredness which speaks to the soul of each of us instead of one size fits all. In all this fear and turmoil, those of us who, perhaps, have felt like strangers in a strange land – need more than ever to be true to our integrity and passion and authenticity. I believe that we are part of a great shift towards a spiritual movement embracing individual responsibility, to living the sacred and divine in our very being, and not through some external control mechanism which is what churches fundamentally are. And shop to drop is not part of this future!

When you are happy to be yourself, others sense it and respect you for it. You don’t get respect for trying to be who you are not. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that I really fit in anywhere and I’ve come to accept that I am eccentric and that’s okay. My friends think I’m eccentric but they’re quite happy with that, because they accept me and love more for what I am, and it’s been a huge relief to realise and accept this. So be yourself, be a channel for the Sacred, the Divine, whatever has spiritual meaning and passion for yourself. And if it means being a bit different, or being eccentric, or not fitting in, dump your fears and embrace your Soul and Spirit with passion, fire and gusto!