The Power of Our Voices

I have just signed the following petition by Avaaz in support of a Palestinian state:
“We urge you to endorse the legitimate bid for recognition of the state of Palestine and the reaffirmation of the rights of the Palestinian people. It is time to turn the tide on decades of failed peace talks, end the occupation and move towards peace based on two states.”
I’m not posting this to spruik on about the situation in the Middle East, but to say how extraordinary it was to sit there watching the signatories come up on the board as people signed, from Egypt, the UK, Australia, Mexico, Tunisia, Canada,  and so on.   It made me realise how small the world has become and how interconnected we all are via the revolution of technology and the growth of the internet and iinternational communication.
I find it somewhat ironic because globalisation was started by the global conglomerates with the aim of tearing down borders to ensure their ability to set up shop wherever they got the lowest wages and working conditions, in order to boost their already almighty profits. It’s worked in some ways, we’ve seen the migration of capital from nations like Australia, the UK and the US to countries with low wages and lousy working conditions – Asia, India, South America, and so on.
But in so doing, international capital has also shot itself in the foot because the fall of barriers in international communications has seen people in developed nations being able to show support for workers in developing nations and support them in their struggle for decent wages and working conditions.  We’ve seen the global support for the Arab Spring where people are organising for their democratic rights.
It’s pretty astounding when you think about it – how far we have come in such a short time to opening up the world and making contact with people we never would have known about as recently as the ‘sixties.
As you know I’ve been banging on about Uranus in Aries where it will stay for seven years so you might be interested to know that Uranus governs technology. When it has been particularly influential in relation to its planetary position and the Earth, it fired up the explosion of steam/railways/electricity, the digital revolution and social media, and now it is feeding the political revolution we can see in the Middle East, in demonstrations in the UK, Spain and Greece, and in various parts of the US. Integral to this revolutionary spirit has been the social media which has brought Wikileaks to prominence, and enabled the power of ordinary people to communicate and rise up against undemocratic regimes and undemocratic actions in democracies.
You cannot silence people’s voices, their power rolls through the ether and resonates within our hearts and souls. Even though there are attempts to rein in the power of the internet, whether by legislation in the States, by installing filters here in Australia, or by shutting it down in places where social media is enabling the growth of social unrest.
We are entering really interesting times in the years ahead, which demand that we ourselves work out who we are and commit to living who we are.  We need to acknowledge our authentic selves and live our lives with integrity, compassion and love, whatever we’re mean to do in our daily lives. 
With this authenticity comes responsibility. The mantra we chant to ourselves as we dump fear and live authentically? 
To use the old Wicca expression: “‘an’ it harm none”, or another one I work with: “Under grace, in a perfect way”, and finally another favourite of mine: “In my highest interests and in the highest interests of the Universe”.It’s whatever works for you, whatever powers the fire of love.

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