On the Full Moon last Friday I did a release ritual.  I cleared off the crystals I’d laid out in a grid for the New Moon and simply left the yellow glass chips on the yellow-coloured plate, and lit a candle in a turquoise candle-holder.  Yellow for me was the energy of the Full Moon and the turquoise represented communication with love – I wanted to collaborate with universal energies with the power of love to fuel my release ritual.
The next day, a Saturday, I took my paintings to a women’s expo exhibition to sell whatever was meant to go to a new home, and lessen our luggage when we do eventually sell this home and set out for Cyprus.  I have been wanting to let go of this painting for a long time as it’s far too big and cumbersome to move overseas with us:
 It’s a very large, powerful piece of artwork but, as you can see, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  I called it Earth on Fire, as I finished this three days before the February 2009 bushfires in Victoria.  We were in an area where 11 people died, and we were very close to the bushfires.  Our roof, garden, patio, car, carport and floors in our home were coated in ash,  but we were thankful we survived when so many didn’t. I set this painting up at the expo and one woman came over straight away and was rapt in the artwork.  She didn’t have any money so I gave it to her. as she said she wanted to place it behind her bed. Personally, I don’t want this on any wall let alone close to my bed, but there you go – everyone’s taste is different!
When we got to the expo I found that my husband had packed a painting I hadn’t intended to sell, so I tucked it away behind me up against the wall. And the lass next door honed in on it and offered to buy it.  I always believe that synchronicity happens and somehow I was meant to let go of this painting.  Prior to it being sold, I’d been feeling very weepy and emotional, which puzzled me as these feelings had turned up out of the blue. But I realised, once the painting had gone, that it contained rocks and seashells from Scotts Head Beach, which I gathered just after I’d scattered my parents’ ashes there after the death of my father.  I created the painting when we got back home from our visit to this area (we were still living in northern New south Wales at the time), and I guess it meant a lot to me emotionally which is why I’d hung on to it.  Here’s the painting:
A while back I went to a local market to do Tarot readings and I’d met Cassie, who had the adjoining stall.  She came to a New Moon Mandala workshop I held a whle back and I got to talking to her just before I left.  I told her about my emotional reaction to selling my painting and she promptly got me up on her massage table and did a kinesiology/muscle test on me to balance my emotions and let go of the feelings of loss. 
I find all this very redolent of synchronicity – meeting Cassie, catching up with her at my workshop, selling my artwork to the lass who “happened” to be on the next-door stall, and then catchng up with Cassie who cleared out the emotional imbalance and completed the healing release I’d asked for in my New Moon ritual.  
It’s a very big reason why I attend markets or expos because you never know who you are going to meet or where your connections are going to lead you.  As the lass on the next-door stall said, she was right beside me because she was meant to buy the painting, and it may well be that she’ll visit me further down the line with a view to buying my crystals.  But this latter is a matter for the future.

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