Cosmic Happenings

I’ve been having a bit of a clear-out of old ideas and habits in the past fortnight since the Full Moon and Full Moon eclipse and today I’m going to do another ritual to continue junking the junk!

I’ve been feeling so much more energetic and focused.  We are in really interesting times and it’s this I want to gasbag on about today.

We are in times of great upheaval, revolutionary times with the Arab Spring, the turmoil surrounding the global media octopus, the Murdoch empire, economic stalemate in the US, people forging forward, many locked into fear and the past.

So in this post I want to talk briefly about two of the planets called the Outer Planets – Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.  These are called the Outer Planets because their orbits are so long – in the cast of Uranus it’s 84 years, spending 7 years in each sign; in Neptune’s case, the cycle around the sun takes 168 years, and it spends 14 years in each sign; and Pluto has the longest orbit around the sun – 248 years and because it’s an elliptical rather than circular orbit, it varies in the length of time it spends in each sign: it trogs through Scorpio in 18 years but meanders through Taurus in 30 years.

These planets can cause great upheaval in our own individual lives when they transit our natal planets – that is, the planets in the position they were when we were born.  I intend to go through this at a later stage, but for today, it’s all about these three outer planets and how they impact on the collective – rather than the individual – psyche.

Astrologers have long predicted that there would be great upheaval in this period, with 2012 as a particular focus, but stretching also to 2024.  Yes, old structures are going to break down and new ones replace them, but how it works out is, of course, difficult to predict in particular detail. A Grand Cross is forming which is a particular formation of planets, but what I particularly want to address today is not the ins and outs of these planetary  movements in formation, more to look at where individual planets are in each house.

Uranus is at present in the early part of Aries.  So it’s going to hang around in Aries for the next seven years. .Here are the qualities of Aries:

ARIES Around 21 March – around 20 April (Fire, Cardinal):

Potential:Drive, ambition, determination, power, courage, leadership, fiery, dynamic, idealism, positive, enthusiastic, extrovert, adventurous.

Pratfalls:Bully, cruelty, egotistical, tyrant, self-aggrandizement, self-centered, greedy, insensitive, selfish, folhardy.

 And here are the qualities for Uranus:

Social justice; humanitarian issues; freedom; flower power; conservatism; hippy-ism; rules & regulations; blind obedience; innovation; discovery; anarchy; rebellion; anti-authoritarianism for its own sake; structurelessness; lack of direction; flailing around for the sake of it; imagination; intuition; radical change; wake-up calls; independence; dictatorship; slavery; unconventionality; inspiration; reform; prison, challenge to old ideas; imprisonment. 

As you can see, there are positive and negative features for the planet and the sign but, folks, we’re aiming to go with the flow and embody the highest qualities possible in these challenging times.  

 If you look at the combination of these two, you can see that there is plenty of action, change, upheaval, innovation, energy, new beginnings and so on.  Play with the above and see what comes to mind for you, because the whole aim in this era is to tune into  your own energies and see what turns up for you.

Moving on, into this mix looms Pluto which is in the sign of Capricorn.  Now Pluto, like dear old Pluto/Hades stomping around in the Underworld, is like a whirlwind swooping down into the cellar where all the old crap and junk is hidden. It lassoos  it all into a net and hoiks it up into daylight. It displays your dirty washing for you and the world to see so that you can get on having a wholesale clean-up in your life, whether emotional, physical, spiritual or mental.

I found it interesting that a while back astronomers junked Pluto as a planet, saying it wasn’t a “real” planet. This to me is a reflection of our desires not to go into the Underworld of ourselves – whether internally or externally – and face up to what we consider the “not so nice” bits and pieces.  This dumping of Pluto as a planet came about at a time when we are facing global warming, global warfare, social dislocation, and so much more chaos in various places. We are being called to powerlessness by appeals to fear and hatred around the world. In this respect, let’s remember that Pluto was discovered in 1930 when the world started lurching towards the Plutonian energy of Hitler. People gave their power away to one individual and stepped away from responsibility for their own actions. Not a good idea. Today we’re being called to step into our power, our integrity, the future and take responsibility for who were are and what we were born to do.

Here are the qualities of Pluto:

Underworld; shadows; disruption; pain; fear; deconstruction; reconstruction; mystery; release; transformation; cleansing; liberation; power; powerlessness; domination; abuse; self-empowerment; abuse of power; right use of power; unseen; sacred; subconscious; death (metaphoric); rebirth; suffering; depression; optimism; destruction; restriction; gateways; crossroads; sense of direction.

And Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, the qualities of which are as follows: 

Potential: Patient, persistent, highly organized, diligent, tenacious, ambitious, disciplined, serious, dependable, loyal, devoted, tasteful, pragmatic, prudent. Business, structure.

Pratfalls: Tyrannical, materialistic, compulsive, tactless, insensitive, unthinking, social-climber, insecure, rigid thinker, miserly. 

Again, have a play around with these two, Pluto and Capricorn, and see how you feel about their energies and, for you, how you see them interacting.

Uranus in Aries is, to use astrological language, in square to Pluto in Capricorn. A square indicates tension between these two formations. So to bring it down to specifics, the day that Uranus entered Aries to keep moving forward earlier this year was the day that the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.  Apart from the disastrous effects on human life and economic structure, this event reminded us of the immense dangers of nuclear power, something that has been hidden away by the plutocrats (great Plutonic word, eh?) fudging media reporting, hiding problems and spruiking absolute crap about the safety of nuclear energy.

In the present day, just think about what is happening with the Murdoch media empire.  All of a sudden, hidden, corrupt stuff has been hauled to the surface, dusted off and exposed to the light of day and public condemnation of the seedy stuff which has been revealed.  Who would have thought, ten days ago, that this sort of upheaval would occur.

Here in Australia, there is tension between moving forward with action to address climate change and reaction which wants things to stay as they are, but primarily without affecting the profits of the big mining corporations which dominate this economy. This hidden motive is still obscured but it will be interesting to see if or when it makes the light of day.

In Egypt where the Arab Spring mirrors Uranus in Aries, people are out on the streets again to protest against the Plutonic forces in that nation attempting to keep the status quo, Capricorn.

Take a minute each day to have a look at what is going on in the world, what is literally erupting out of nowhere, small things which may actually have greater effect further down the line, like the recent assassination of the brother of Afghan President Hamid Kharzai. 

In other words, tune into the cosmic undercurrents of our lives and then, don’t retreat to fear or hatred or negative words like “fight”. Choose the positive approach of flying with these energies, co-operating with them, engaging with change, creative innovation and influencing positively what is going on in your life and your community.

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