>Purplicious Passion Path – E-course starting Friday 1st July – New Moon kick-off

In an earlier blog I said I was firing up a new on-line course called the Purplicious Passion Path.  This is now kicking off on Friday 1st July, in line with the New Moon.  I’ll be running the course over six weeks, as a journey around yourself.  There are no goals, no aims, no feeling you have to hit the heights, or anything like that.  My aim is to inspire you to release fear, enjoy being you and embrace who you were born to be.  

I have started this course because it’s taken me most of my life to come to terms with myself as a writer, communicator and a connector – I connect people with people; people with themselves; people with art; people with passion; people with creativity; people with my own passion: rocks, stones and crystals.  And along the way I’ve experienced fear of being myself, somewhat eccentric and very unconventional.  Now I’ve accepted myself as I am and I hope to open to you opportunities for you to embrace who you are and walk your walk, talk your talk without fear and without worrying about what other people think or what other people think you ought to be or ought to to do.

It’s my belief that we all enter this life as wonderful beings, no better or no worse than anyone else, but with our own individual song which permeates our lives.  So the aim of this course is to re-connect you with your cosmic songlines and encourage you to sing the song you were born to resonate with.

The course is based on creative visualisation – activating your inner wisdom so that you tune into yourself, get in touch with how powerful you are as the person you are, and work with your inner wisdom to live your life to the full.  I will be posting regular videos via the dedicated page on Facebook I’ve established, as well as sending out regular e-mails with suggestions for extra ideas for you.

As I said in the blog title, we’ll be kicking off on the New Moon of July 1st, to embark on a new project.  We’ll then travel through a Full Moon, another New Moon and then wind up on another Full Moon.  It means we’ll be connecting with the energies of the Universe and learning to ride the waves of the moon’s energy inspiring inner work and inspiration.

We will start with some basic work, then move deeper as you get more confident in working with your inner wisdom. We’ll also work with your astrological profile, with art (can I persuade you to glow with glitter???) and with rocks, stones and crystals.  Anything goes. If you want to add your own inspiration, feel free. The course is not set in stone!

I have scaled this course over six weeks because I believe the best way to grow yourself (not change, you’re fine the way you are) is to take things slowly, have a ball along the way, and sort out the best way for you to make any changes in your life you may feel you need to do.

You may also find in this course that you are very happy where you are and it may help you release ideas that you need to be somebody else.

It’s a support group too, where I hope those of you who choose to participate can offer your own experiences, support others in the course as we share what’s come up for us, and also learn to embrace your connection with your inner spirit and soul. 

I’m not setting a formal price for this course as I want it to be available to all, regardless of means.  So I’m asking for a heart donation, an idea I picked up from the lovely Cyndi Briggs of The Sophia Project.  If you wish to participate in this course, please send me an e-mail at: mouthymo@gmail.com and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.  I like using PayPal as I get a notice of payment and you get a confirmation of payment.

If you have any queries, please either post in response to this blog, e-mail me as above, or contact me through my Facebook page which is:


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