>The Purplicious Passion Path


Which brings me to one step beyond the previous post.  I have fished out a course I ran a few years ago called “Live Your Dream”.  It is based on creative visualisation, the aim of which is to link you with your inner wisdom and focus on what brings passion into your life. We’re all so very different and, in the course of the six weeks in which this course will run, I hope you will come to celebrate your difference, your talents (whatever they are) and feel more confident about yourself and your direction in life.  The aim is not to change you but to grow you.
I am planning the course at present, as it will be mainly based on inter-active video and a dedicated page on Facebook.  I know some people aren’t so keen on Facebook but so far it seems to be the best venue for an inter-active site where course participants can support each other and share their experiences.
If you’re interested, please contact me at: glittergal@live.com.au, and I’ll put you on my mailing list and notify you when the course is finalised and up and running.

This course will entail some costs for me so I’m asking for a heart contribution, whatever you feel able to donate.  I got this idea from Cyndi Briggs who runs The Sophia Project, and I think it’s a great idea because I know that very many people these days have financial pressures and I aim to make this course available to as many as possible regardless of financial circumstances.

>From Little Things Big Things Grow


The title of this blog is actually the name of a song written by two great Australian songwriters, Kevin Carmody and Paul Kelly.  It pays tribute to the struggle of the Gurundji people at Wave Hill to win land rights from the Vesty Corporation, a British operation owned by Lord Vestey..  The Aboriginal people, led by Vincent Lingiari, went on strike for nine years, and held out against intimidation and attempted bribes and in 1975 during an emotional, the then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam poured the local sand into Vincent Lingiarri’s hands and handed the Wave Hill station back to the Gurindji people. This initial action gave rise to the national land rights struggle in Australia which is continuing to present times.
The reason I’ve mentioned the song is that I’ve been making progress in a number of areas in my own life.  It all started in a very roundabout way when I visited the dentist.  I am very lucky to have been given access to a Federal Government scheme which offers $4250 dental care to people with chronic illness.  I have fibromyalgia but also have a metal plate in my leg so have to be very careful not to get dental infections as infections can easily travel to the plate area in my leg.
At the end of the next-to-last session, the dentist spent ages fiddling with my teeth, it was a very long session and with fibro you get very stiff and tired if you’re still for any length of time. So when the dentist held up a mirror so I could see my teeth (and I didn’t have my reading glasses on either) I wondered why she’d done that, mumbled that everything was okay, and set off home. Where I found that I couldn’t chew my finger nails on my front teeth as has been my habit for longer than I care to remember. Due to the finger chewing,I’ve always had short, weak, fragile nails.  And THEN when I checked in the mirror, I found that the dear lady dentist had filled in the gap between my two front teeth. The gap has gradually grown as I’ve got older and I pretty much accepted that it was part of the aging process, and got on with life.
So there was I with my two front teeth (and I hadn’t been singing the old song “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”, lol), and nowhere left to chew my nails. They grew. small step. And as they grew I decided I’d paint them purple to match the purple dye in the front of my hair. It’s the first time ever that my nails have been long enough to look good with dark polish. Another small step. Then, inspired by these small changes, I deciided to make small changes in my daily activity regime. I acquired a pedometer and started increasing my daily activity after six weeks being sedentary due to fasciitis laminitis, a very painful heel condition. Another small step.  So far I’ve gone from walking to the bottom of the hill behind our house to walking back along the front path, to extending the walking over the bridge across the Nambucca River at the bottom of our road, then returning via the front road, to walking beyond the bridge for a small distance and then returning.

I’m feeling a whole heap better in myself, I’m sleeping better, my leg and hip aren’t quite so painful at night, and I’m not so tired in the day.  These are only small steps and I’m also learning not to get discouraged on the days when I’m not well enough to be as active as I like. I’ve had one day out with a migraine, and another day out with a flare-up of fibro.  But I’m not throwing in the towel or getting discouraged, just keep reminding myself that I can take small steps which will lead me into more adventures, even if I’m not too sure what those adventures are yet!

>Video introduction for mandala creation


Last week I was fiddling with my webcam and decided I’d do an introduction to creating mandalas, or art in circles.  Some of you may have seen this video already, but if you haven’t, here’s the link to my YouTube video. I hope you enjoy it and if you’d like to post your mandalas feel free, or post any queries, they’re welcome too.


>Artwork: The Soul At Play


I’ve been pottering with a painting these past couple of days and it’s turned out quite gentle and playful:
I find the process of creating paintings really interesting.  I can go for ages without getting the urge to do anything and then suddenly get an image in my eye or feel the need to paint, and then see what comes up.
In this instance, I started off with sweeps of pastels in various shades of pink, blue and violet over the canvas. Then I added some gold, silver and violet interference powders which I spread with my fingers. I left the canvas for a while, then got an urge to just draw freestyle with pink, purple and silver luminescent pastels wherever my hand wanted to move.  And I finished off with pale gold, white pearl and white pearl mixed with purple acrylics mixed with lots of water than splashed on the canvas from my paintbrush.  Now this latter play with splattering really took me back to my childhood, enjoyed it no end, although I did get a plaintive plea from my husband not to splash the white walls in the process.  And no, all I managed to splash was my worktable which cleaned up really easily.

This painting feels light, spiritual and playful which is why it’s ended up as; The Soul At Play.. My husband looked at the painting and reckons if I carry on like this, I’ll be giving Jackson Pollack a run for his money!

>Parks and Surprises


I’ve been immobilised with plantar fasciitis for the past 5-6 weeks.  It causes severe pain and while I’ve been hobbling around the house in a limited way, it has also stuffed up my spine.  It is alleviating now so today I decided to walk down to the small park at the bottom of our road and take some photos.  I used to enjoy walking in nature when I was young and the little park was lovely today, bathed in bright sunlight as we have a clear, blue sky and fairly warm, autumn day..  
Here are some pics I took and, much to my surprise something has turned up in front of the small palm.  I have no idea whether this is just caused by sunlight or whether it’s a nature spirit, but I’ve certainly never seen anything like this in any of the photos I’ve taken (except for one pic I took when we were in the middle of bushfires and I took a pic of our backgarden).  
This is the wooden bridge at the bottom of our road, it rattles when all the traffic goes over it, sounding a bit like a train going over tracks.
This kookaburra kindly sat on a branch and posed for me. Bowraville is Kooka Centra, their laughing wakes us up just  as dawn breaks.
This is a pic of the park with the light in the middle.  Not sure if this is a trick of the light or a nature spirit. There’s also a second circle, fainter, top left.



It’s never too late for something new!  For the first time in my life, at 63, I finally have a set of fairly long nails.  
All my life I have tended to chew my nails, mainly by running them through my two front teeth.  In recent times this became easier as a gap developed between these teeth as they wore down a bit. It didn’t particularly bother me as these sort of things happen as part of the ageing process so there’s no point getting your knickers in a twist.
But on a recent visit to my dentist, the dear lady filled in the gap between my teeth, much to my amazement, as I didn’t know that was possible. So I now have two bright, full-size pearly gnashers, and to paraphrase that old song, I won’t have to wait until Christmas for my two front teeth, lol. 
However, not having the gap meant I stopped chewing my nails. And they started growing. So, for the first time too, I decided to have purple glitter nail polish to match my Glitter Goddess moniker.  I have never ever worn dark nail polish and it seemed a bit weird at first.  But now I’m used to the look, I’m really quite pleased – magenta nail colour with purple glitter nail polish as a top coat.  Here’s a pic of my flash new Glitter Fingers, lolol:

The ring on my forefinger is a Labradorite stone with silver, Celtic design.  The rings on my fourth finger are my grandmother’s engagement and wedding rings.

>Eagles Galore


Yesterday was also our day for sighting wedge-tailed eagles – five in all!
We saw two on the river at Nambucca as we were sitting on the cafe’s verandah.  One swooped right down beside the cafe, just a blur of brown feathers barrelling past. I did try to get a photo but they soared away on the thermals too quickly for me to get a pic. 
The interesting thing is that no-one else noticed, people don’t seem to look around at nature which I always find interesting, it sort of shows the disconnect that operates so much now between ourselves and nature.  An eagle flew over the Coffs Harbour shopping centre when we were there once, and no-one else noticed which is such a shame as I think it’s a marvellous gift to see these enormous raptors overhead.
We then saw another wedgie as we drove up the coast to Woolgoolga, then saw another two at Woolgoolga Beach, much to our amazement as we thought it was pretty neat to see two at Nambucca.  I still find it a miracle to have found ourselves in Eagle Central, so to speak.  Here’s a pic from an earlier blog: