>Artwork – Uranus in Aries


On Friday, I started the painting I mentioned in a previous post, Taking Your Venus for a Walk.  Somehow, Venus got hijacked along the creative path and has now emerged as tribute to Uranus in Aries.  I am always amazed at how what you set out to do what is up in your head morphs into something completely different when you actually embark on the painting process.
I had created the background with red, pink and gold colours and actually drew a goddess figure in a flowing dress when I just felt it was completely wrong, wimpy and not the right path to take.  Then I got an image of a figure extending to all four corners of the canvas and filling the whole area. And I was off and running.  The figure came into existence quite easily, as did the hair extending in all directions.  I got an image of the hair extending out right from the beginning so I knew it was one thing that needed to go in regardless of what else turned up. Then I got an image of the orouborus at the base.  Then the images for both Aries and Uranus turned up for the centre of the figure, plus adding in glitter (as ever!) and interference powders.  
Here’s the final painting:
The process for me when I’m creating artwork is that I get images in my head which then move into the canvas.  All my work is symbolic, I can’t draw real-life for toffee nor does real-life art interest me at all.  Give me off-the-wall art and I’m a happy camper.  Once the canvas is finished, then I get to understand what the whole is all about.
The red hair represents the explosion of new, liberating energy which is happening as Uranus has moved into  Aries.The sparkly lines radiating out from the head indicate the transformation in thinking which is coming into being.  The red sign obviously represents Aries with all its impatience, get up and go, new energies, fiery action. The Uranus sign is in purple to demonstrate the higher, spiritual essence of planetary movements and the effect that the outer plants – Uranus, Pluto and Neptune – have on the collective consciousness of all of us here on Earth. It is centred on the heart and rises into the head to bring us into an era where we connect love, communicating with love, and understanding with love.
The orouborus sign represents the vision we are now approaching and being inspired to create of an eternal link between all of us here on Earth, of releasing all that divides us so that we can see we are all the same, regardless of colour, creed, race or sexual choice. The essence of this energy is unconditional love for humanity, our Planet Earth and all its flora, fauna and natural resources, and the universe itself.
The gold colour of the orouborus represents the wisdom of opening our hearts to love and letting go of negative energies. The white centre is the spiritual energy which connects and inspires all our hearts and souls. The purple on the outside is the ongoing spiritual energy of humanity which underpins the process of bringing spirit to life on earth. And the silver dots represent the stars and galaxy which are eternal.
I have loved creating this artwork and also had my sprits lifted by the feeling of playfulness in the way the images have developed.  I want to wind up by reminding us all that lightness of heart, joy and playfulness keep us young, keep us loving and light the way for us to dance gloriously along our path in life.

On the figure, apart from the astrological symbols, are a snake ascending on both legs to represent transformation of our whole body – intuitive, feeling and sensing, plus logic, intellect and reason – while the spirals demonstrate how our consciousness rises in spirials of understanding.

6 thoughts on “>Artwork – Uranus in Aries

  1. >Nice to meet up with you too, Satunrox, what I find really exciting is that I'm actually aware of this whole energy shift happening. I wish that I'd had this awareness sooner, but then I guess we learn in life what we're supposed to when we're supposed.


  2. >Same. I can feel it, is weird, haven't ever been 'psychic' per se, but seem to be stumbling into the right places to learn what I need and want to know at the right time. When the student is ready, the teacher appears ! * Kismet * Saturnrox


  3. >Yes, I've had teachers pop up when the time is right – including my little Jack Russell, Rosie, who used to sit by the person in most need whether in workshops or if we were staying with a friend who got sick or with a friend staying with us from the UK. She'd stick by their side until they felt better and give them comfort if they were upset. Amazing little dog.


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