>Love thy neighbour!


I was looking at one of those cute photos today of a deer licking a kitten’s head and someone posted a rather wistful comment to the effect that why can’t we love and nurture one another as these animals were doing.
I know there has been vitriolic political comment and hatreds surfacing and roiling around in the United States which we, so far, have escaped in Australia.  But no longer.  The tenor of debate here has dropped in the past week and hatred and division is being fostered, as it is in the US, by crackpot shock jocks.  I use the term “crackpot” advisedly because there is nothing sane about the way these public figures rant and rave, with their only purpose to promote whatever divides us, not unites us.  
Yet when we see disasters strike – as they have in Christchurch, New Zealand, or north-east Japan – we see people caring for each other, giving freely from their hearts, and working collectively for the common good.  
So I’d like to suggest that it would be a good idea if we visualise the political divide dissolving between us.  After all, if you met someone on the street who was in strife and you wanted to help, you wouldn’t first ask how they voted, would you? (Or at least, I hope you wouldn’t!).  Look at the person who’s your friend, neighbour, chat contact on Facebook, friend of a friend, a person of different political or religious persuasion, and see them as simply a person without the baggage we usually use to identify someone.  Open your heart to them.  Listen to them.  Refrain from judging them.  See them as someone like yourself, trying to survive in and cope with this messy thing called life.

The more we all see ourselves rowing the same boat towards love, compassion, tolerance, a wish for a home, security, education for oneself and one’s kids, a decent job, the more we can identify what unites us and turn our faces and attention away from those who can only preach hatred and division.  I personally feel sorrow for the shock jocks because to live your life in fear, hatred and intolerance is a very sad way to live.  I believe that we can all do better than this because human beings can reach for the skies if they so choose, and turn their backs on scrabbling in the gutters.

>Kitchen: Sacred Space


I did an earlier post about an altar I’ve created to honour Uranus moving into Aries, and I actually realised I’d created this space after reading a blog on Mystic Medusa about altars, sacred spaces, shrines, etc.  I have 9 air signs and no earth signs, and someone mentioned an altar in the kitchen.  So I got the inspiration to set up a sacred space to honour Hera, the hearth and the kitchen as a nurturing space, after reading this.
So when we were in Coffs Harbour last week (it’s about an hour north of here on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, I got the urge to duck into a rather lovely new age-y type shop which sells candles, incense, ornaments, alternative clothing and all sorts of other goodies.  I had no idea what I was looking for but as I browsed along one of the walls I came across a lovely goddess-type figurine, very serene and earthy, which had been reduced by half and so was affordable to me.  I pounced on this and here is the sacred space I created so that I can remind myself to honour and nurture my body when I’m creating meals in the kitchen:
I actually took this pic on the kitchen table since the sacred space with this figurine is on my window sill, and you can’t get a good pic with the reflections off the window. The sill itself is in front of my preparation counter and beside that is the kitchen sink.

I am really pleased with this.figurine, it perfectly fits what I was looking for.  Around it’s neck is a pendant a friend gave me of a South American wise woman which seems appropriate to ensure I make wise choices in my cooking creations.

>Astro-Tarot Skype Readings


I’ve been working on my website today, as I felt it needed firing up a bit in line with all the new, innovative, fiery energies around us at present. Gone is all the blue/purple stuff and in are lots of red and action-packed images (well, I hope they look action-packed to others, they do to me, lol).  
As part of this leap into the future, I’m offering from now on Astro-Tarot readings on Skype, but only with webcam video as I want an energy connect with those for whom I do readings. My readings are aimed at empowering people to move into the future physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so the readings focus on what may have affected you in the past, what’s holding you back now or what you have to  deal with, and how you can move into the future in whichever way you choose. I don’t do “tall, dark and handsome” because it’s my belief that when you’ve sorted yourself out, the right people will enter your life, so that means a bit of work on the part of the person getting the reading.  
I’m going to include a 1-2 hour reading, with a 6-card spread with a Tarot deck and Crystal Ally deck, so 12 cards in all. I’ll also include a natal chart, natal report and transit report, so I’ll need time of birth, date of birth and date of birth, to get the best results.
And after much deliberation, as I’m aware these are difficult times, I’m going to offer these readings for $45, which I feel is pretty reasonable.  I am, however, aware that for some people even this amount is difficult so if you feel drawn to a reading but can’t afford the full price, feel free to contact me and we’ll sort something out which suits you.
If you’re interested in a reading, you can order and pay for it at the following link:
If you want to contact me regarding any queries, there’s a contact link on my website:


>The times they are a’changing.


Yes, the times are a’changing for me, but I’m not sure I’m in charge of this “changing” lark, folks!  
When we moved to Bowraville, it was like Eagle Central.  We would see eagles all over the place, including swooping between our home and next door, much to my surprise but also enchantment. Then they disappeared.  In the past week, leading up to Uranus in Aries, and since, we have seen six.  One flew low over next door’s roof (the other neighbour the other side), another was flying over the back and was most likely a sea eagle (it was being attacked by two very brave magpies), and we’ve seen four more around Macksville, 10 minutes from here, and on the way to and from Coffs Harbour, an hour or so north of here.  
Eagles to me are messengers of spirit, a herald of the unseen at work giving a bit of a nudge in the direction of the heart and soul.  This, by the way, causes great mirth to a Sagittarian friend of mine who believes simply that eagles hover where there is food, ie, something dead. We’ve agreed to differ amid much laughter and agreement to disagree on both sides!
And then, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, when I popped out to view the Perigee New Moon on Saturday, the closest the moon has been to Earth in its orbit around the sun for 18 years, I saw a face – clear as day – in a cloud right beside the mmon as it emerged from behind the clouds. Yes, the moon was huge and awesome, but this face was something else for me too.  It was longish and oval, the eyes were closed and the nose and mouth were quite clear to see.  It was a peaceful face but, with the eyes closed, it looked as if was sending out a benediction, whether to me or the Earth is debatable but welcome wherever the benediction was directed.
I know for others who won’t have seen this, it has no meaning.You need to see this sort of manifestation for yourself for it to have any impact. But for me it was as if the sacred had reinforced its place in my life and was reminding me of my path of service and my need to write my book, a project coming into being all the more rapidly now that Uranus has moved into Aries. This energy has fired me up and I can feel my energies changing quite drastically – from feeling a bit dreamy and off-the-planet, to more fired up, more focused, more itching to get going, and far more grounded and practical.  Weird feeling but very welcome.

How have you been feeling now that Uranus (change, upheaval, revolution, new ideas, innovation) has moved into the first degree of Aries (fired up, energetic, enthusiastic, initiation–impelling)?

>Altar to honour Uranus in Aries


I’ve found since Uranus moved into Aries at the end of last week that I’ve gradually been creating an altar in the corner of my art worktable which is beside the desk on which I have all my computer gear. 

I’m always interested in how our soul energies burble away below the surface, and since last Friday I’ve heaved out all my self-directed art from storage – my Spider Goddess painting (my totem is a spider), my drum on which I’ve painted a spider and flames to honour the creativity of Grandmother Spider, and my Woman of Power painting which I created while I was living in Woodenbong, right on the border of Queensland and New South Wales and on the rim of an ancient volcanic caldera, and I’ve hung them back up on the walls.  I’ve also got hanging on the walls a collage I did of women in red hats and purple dresses with Japanese red decorativ epaper as a background, the painting I did (see previous blog) to honour Uranus in Aries, and another New Moon dreamboard which is all about dance and movement.  It’s amazing how much the energy in my workroom has changed – more vibrant, energetic and lively.
Now I find that, bit by bit, I’ve created an altar to honour Uranus in Aries also.  At one side is my drum, and on the other is my Artist on Fire collage. In the corner is a purple flag  with apurple heart and dragonfly ornament a good friend gifted me.  Then there’s a square plate (to honour the four corners of the earth (East, West, North and South) and four energies (Earth, Fire, Air and Water), three yellow candles to energise solar connections, a bright orange glass ornament on the left side and an orange candle on the right for joy and creativity.  And in front of this are a bright red lotus for creative fire and earth inspiration, while on either side of this are a rock in its own rock cradle, and three Witches Finger quartz points each side.  I find these crystals open up cosmic communication for me, as if they illuminate the web of light which permeates each of us and connects us to the cosmic light threads of the whole galactic web.

I feel I’ve needed the past  year of rest to recover from nearly dying of heatstroke, a real shock to my system, to recover from six years of moving home four times, and to have some peace and quiet to let go of responsibilities and take charge of my own direction.  Now I’m fired up to open up to more artwork, more writing and, hopefully, working on art workshops in the community, as art seems to be taking centre stage in my life now, much to my surprise.

>Artwork – Uranus in Aries


On Friday, I started the painting I mentioned in a previous post, Taking Your Venus for a Walk.  Somehow, Venus got hijacked along the creative path and has now emerged as tribute to Uranus in Aries.  I am always amazed at how what you set out to do what is up in your head morphs into something completely different when you actually embark on the painting process.
I had created the background with red, pink and gold colours and actually drew a goddess figure in a flowing dress when I just felt it was completely wrong, wimpy and not the right path to take.  Then I got an image of a figure extending to all four corners of the canvas and filling the whole area. And I was off and running.  The figure came into existence quite easily, as did the hair extending in all directions.  I got an image of the hair extending out right from the beginning so I knew it was one thing that needed to go in regardless of what else turned up. Then I got an image of the orouborus at the base.  Then the images for both Aries and Uranus turned up for the centre of the figure, plus adding in glitter (as ever!) and interference powders.  
Here’s the final painting:
The process for me when I’m creating artwork is that I get images in my head which then move into the canvas.  All my work is symbolic, I can’t draw real-life for toffee nor does real-life art interest me at all.  Give me off-the-wall art and I’m a happy camper.  Once the canvas is finished, then I get to understand what the whole is all about.
The red hair represents the explosion of new, liberating energy which is happening as Uranus has moved into  Aries.The sparkly lines radiating out from the head indicate the transformation in thinking which is coming into being.  The red sign obviously represents Aries with all its impatience, get up and go, new energies, fiery action. The Uranus sign is in purple to demonstrate the higher, spiritual essence of planetary movements and the effect that the outer plants – Uranus, Pluto and Neptune – have on the collective consciousness of all of us here on Earth. It is centred on the heart and rises into the head to bring us into an era where we connect love, communicating with love, and understanding with love.
The orouborus sign represents the vision we are now approaching and being inspired to create of an eternal link between all of us here on Earth, of releasing all that divides us so that we can see we are all the same, regardless of colour, creed, race or sexual choice. The essence of this energy is unconditional love for humanity, our Planet Earth and all its flora, fauna and natural resources, and the universe itself.
The gold colour of the orouborus represents the wisdom of opening our hearts to love and letting go of negative energies. The white centre is the spiritual energy which connects and inspires all our hearts and souls. The purple on the outside is the ongoing spiritual energy of humanity which underpins the process of bringing spirit to life on earth. And the silver dots represent the stars and galaxy which are eternal.
I have loved creating this artwork and also had my sprits lifted by the feeling of playfulness in the way the images have developed.  I want to wind up by reminding us all that lightness of heart, joy and playfulness keep us young, keep us loving and light the way for us to dance gloriously along our path in life.

On the figure, apart from the astrological symbols, are a snake ascending on both legs to represent transformation of our whole body – intuitive, feeling and sensing, plus logic, intellect and reason – while the spirals demonstrate how our consciousness rises in spirials of understanding.

>Dreaming of knives


Sounds interesting, doesn’t it, but relax, I’m not dreaming of going amok with knives in my dreams 😀  
I just had a dream last night which brought to mind how you can work with even the smallest remnant of a dream that you can recall.  In the dream all I could remember was that I was cutting something with the wrong knife.  That’s all. Nothing else. Can’t even recall what I was cutting.

But this morning at breakfast I started slicing a tomato for breakfast, suddenly recalled the dream (which I hadn’t even remembered when I woke up) and realised it related to some thoughts I’d had last night before going to bed on my health and fitness campaign.  
Basically, it’s going down the gurgler, as I’ve put on weight.  I’ve been keeping a food diary but somehow I feel I’ve put myself in a straitjacket listening to the advice of the dietician I went to see.  And last night I realised I needed somehow to harness the huge new energies of Uranus to find a Uranian way, unique to little ol’ moi, of getting fit.  
I’m still working on this but one of my first steps has been to list all the things I enjoy eating, and all the food I don’t enjoy eating.  It’s all in the starting bay at present, so stay tuned, but it’s brought home to me that we need to tune into our own bodies and trust its inner wisdom in getting healthy and fit.
And on the subject of simple dream symbols, in a workshop I held a while back on understanding dreams, one lady recalled only the symbol of a horse.  Interestingly, we worked through this with her and she got a good understanding of what that dream image was telling her.

It’s important when you’re working with dreams to understand that the symbols you experience are unique to you and their meaning will be unique to you. I mean, if I were an axe murderer, the dream symbol of a knife might be telling me to switch murderous instruments, lolol.  And in this dream, it wasn’t about actually cutting something with a knife, it was relating to food, food preparation and expanding on the thoughts I’d had about Uranian approaches to fitness. 

So when you’re trying to work out what dreams mean, keep an open mind about symbols and listen to your intuition and imagination.  They will take you on the roads less travelled.