>Butterfly Healing


I got a nice image for self-healing this week and thought I’d share it.
Find somewhere comfortable, get yourself settled in whatever way suits you, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and relax.  Let the outside world fade away and just tune into your body.
When you feel nice and relaxed and at ease, take your attention to your heart centre in the middle of your chest.  Feel it soften and open up and a butterfly emerge which perches in your heart centre.  Check out the colours of your butterfly and how it feels.  If you can’t get an image, tune in to how your heart centre feels and whether you can sense the energy of the butterfly. Perhaps it talks to you. Find out what works best for you and let go of any expectations of what is right or not.
Now feel that the butterfly is smiling to your heart centre and feel this part of your body absorbing love, happiness and healing energy.  When you feel ready, invite your butterfly to move to any part of your body it so chooses.  Don’t try to take control of this process but let it unfold as you tune into the self-awarenss which your body will display if you allow it to.  As your butterfly alights on another part of your body – perhaps your liver, or your brain, or your bladder, or in your hands, or whatever, allow yourself t again feel this part of your body absorbing love, happiness and healing energy.
You can stay with this process as long as you like.  When you get an instinctive or intuitive feel that the process is coming to an end, invite your butterfly to return to your heart centre.  See it settle there and then feel it sinking into your heart centre, knowing that when you want to work with the butterfly’s healing energy again, it will be waiting for you to re-activate it.
If you like, you can visualise or feel your butterfly taking off to send its healing energies to the world or to particular areas or countries of need or conflict.  There are no limitations on your intuition, creativity and healing response.  Just make sure if you decide to do any global healing of any sort, that you return your butterfly to your heart when you feel the healing process has drawn to an end.
Once you’ve seen your butterfly disappear into your heart centre, take a bit of time to breathe deeply, get back in touch with your body, feel really back in your body and back in the here and now, and then open your eyes.  

It’s really important you do this final step.  I did some meditation once and got up, only to find the room whirling around me and looking very misty.  I wasn’t quite back in my body and I actually collapsed on the floor, coming around when my husband came in and picked me up. I did come around finally but it’s a warning not to take lightly the process of meditation and the necessity to make sure you’re well and truly grounded an in the present before you try to stand up again.

The length of this process – whether it’s self-healing or global healing – is entirely dependent on yourself. It can be short of long, depending on how much time you have, but the important thing is to trust your inner wisdom and listen to your heart and soul.  By the way, have fun!


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