>Starting to move


As I said at the end of the previous post, I’ve been doing the visualisation I described and thoroughly enjoying it.  Visualisation is a skill of mine, so if you find it difficult, you can either persist and see if your visualisation muscles improve, or work out how to do this exercise in ways which work for you – you might hear the instructions, or feel them in your body without actually seeing the road and action.  Play around a bit and find what works for you.
For me, I’ve really enjoyed doing this and it seems to have turned up at the right time as I’ve found it very easy, as if it’s something my body has been waiting for and is enjoying.
I woke at 5 the others morning, got up and had a cup of tea, then returned to bed. At 7am I gave up, got up, had a cup of coffee (just for that caffeine bounce, you understand!) and then donned my walking shoes which I’d left out and set off for a morning walk – first time ever.  I walked down the hill to the bottom of our road, then the short distance to the bridge over the creek. The river’s running very fast due to all the rains around at present. Then I returned home.  It only took about 10 mins but I figured I didn’t want to overdo it and then find myself incapacitated.  This is often my habit: to rush at exercise, overdo it, pull a muscle or get an inflamed Achilles tendon, then find myself less active than when I started.
When I came back I did some weights exercises for my arms. Then I felt very smug and self-satisfied . Tomorrow I’m off to see the nurse and doctor at the medical clinic I attend, and we’ll see how my programme progesses.  I have decided that this year my keyword is “passion” and I’m going to be passionate about getting fit, healthy and strong.

Just to wind up, and this is probably going to sound a bit weird, I’ve put my scales away.  Looking back over my weight experiences, I realised that the times I’ve lost weight is when I’ve stopped focusing on the scales and just eaten without worrying about whether the scales are going up or down.  And interestingly, when I’ve finally weighed myself, I’ve lost weight.  So obviously, my body doesn’t like the focus on pounds and ounces, so now I’m happy to simply move my body to get fit and healthy and strong, and support my body with good food and some diet changes which I’m going to introduce slowly so I’m successful in changes rather than trying to do everything at once.

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