>Going batty!

> I woke up around 5am this morning, feeling a bit stiff and achey, so decided to get up and have a cup of tea.  It was just getting towards dawn so I decided to sit outside on the balcony, very comfortable since our overnight temperature was around 19C. The sky was just faintly light … More >Going batty!

>Good support for sorting out an exercise programme

> Yesterday I saw the exercise hotshot to discuss what sort of exercise I can do to work towards getting healthy, fit and strong.  To my eternal relief and great pleasure, this was someone who understands the challenges of fibromyalgia and the need to work gradually towards good health. He gave me terrific advice about … More >Good support for sorting out an exercise programme

>Starting to move

> As I said at the end of the previous post, I’ve been doing the visualisation I described and thoroughly enjoying it.  Visualisation is a skill of mine, so if you find it difficult, you can either persist and see if your visualisation muscles improve, or work out how to do this exercise in ways … More >Starting to move

>A Great (Fun – even better) Visualisation for Exercise

> Quite a while back I cut out an exercise from Soul & Spirit magazine relating to exercise as it looked interesting.  I promptly lost it, then forgot about it.  This week – just as I’m focused on getting healthy, fit and strong (I’ve just added in the strong as I realise I feel a … More >A Great (Fun – even better) Visualisation for Exercise

>The Obesity Myth

> I thought I’d mention, for anyone interested, that I’ve been reading “The Obesity Myth” by Paul Campos.  He demonstrates clearly that the idea of the BMI index and fitting everyone into one straitjacket as far as size and weight are concerned is a complete furphy.  He shows that the best approach to your life … More >The Obesity Myth


>I clean forgot to say previously that one of the ways I’m motivating myself towards fitness is to hang a new 2011 calendar in front of my workdesk.  This calendar has photos of the most beautiful wild places in Australia, and my aim is to look at these spectacular scenes to remind myself that my … More >Motivation!