>Butterfly Healing

> I got a nice image for self-healing this week and thought I’d share it. Find somewhere comfortable, get yourself settled in whatever way suits you, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and relax.  Let the outside world fade away and just tune into your body. When you feel nice and relaxed and at … More >Butterfly Healing

>Community life

> I saw in The Independent newspaper in the UK this week that many local councils in England are planning to close their libraries, due to funding cuts imposed by the current government.  Books have been a huge part of my life. I can remember going to Ramsgate library as a kid and marvelling at … More >Community life

>Country life

> One of the pleasures of living in a rural area is that you can stay so much in touch with nature and see how there are planetary changes each year. We moved into Bowraville just over one year ago.  The weather was hot prior to our arrival and for a couple of weeks afterwards.  … More >Country life

>Going batty!

> I woke up around 5am this morning, feeling a bit stiff and achey, so decided to get up and have a cup of tea.  It was just getting towards dawn so I decided to sit outside on the balcony, very comfortable since our overnight temperature was around 19C. The sky was just faintly light … More >Going batty!

>Good support for sorting out an exercise programme

> Yesterday I saw the exercise hotshot to discuss what sort of exercise I can do to work towards getting healthy, fit and strong.  To my eternal relief and great pleasure, this was someone who understands the challenges of fibromyalgia and the need to work gradually towards good health. He gave me terrific advice about … More >Good support for sorting out an exercise programme

>Starting to move

> As I said at the end of the previous post, I’ve been doing the visualisation I described and thoroughly enjoying it.  Visualisation is a skill of mine, so if you find it difficult, you can either persist and see if your visualisation muscles improve, or work out how to do this exercise in ways … More >Starting to move