>Artwork for Full Moon Eclipse/Summer Solstice


My usual practice is, if I feel drawn, to create some artwork or ritual to align my energies and goals with the phases of the Moon – the Full Moon, New Moon and any Moon Eclipses.
So on the 21st, as it was also the Solstice as well as the Full Moon Eclipse, I got to work on creating a new painting.  I’m always fascinated by the way this process works. I ende dup working with greens, blues and purples moving over the canvas as if in waves of energy.  Then I added in some pathways of glitter paint and, while the paint was still wet, stuck in some small crystal points since rocks, crystals and stones have led me along different pathways towards spiritual and emotional growth.
After I’d done this, I quit the painting for a while as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. Then inspiration struck.  I’ve been doing a course with Cyndi Briggs which has really brought up a lot for me.  One of the lesson’s ideas was to download a list of values with explanatory phrases and divide them into “very important to me”, “important to me”, “not so important” and so on.  I’d played with these values and decided to cut out the ones which mean the most to me at the present time and glue them into the spaces left by the pathways of glitter paint. Here’s the final result:

Creating this artwork was fun, spontaneous and very intuitive. Once the Full Moon time had passed, I wrote down my goals on the lovely Chinese wishing paper my friend in Victoria gifted me, and burned it.  Now, interestingly, this paper is easy to burn but it took me four goes to burn every shred, so I guess there was some resistance which I hope has now been released by ensuring my intentions were well and truly burned into a commitment to the Universal energies.

>A lion dream


A while back I had a very vivid dream of standing in the hallway of my home, looking through the open doorway and seeing a lion passing by.  This was no ordinary lion, it was huge and wa a  male with a very thick mane, and it was very stately.  In the dream I was a bit frightened and closed the door even though the lion took no notice of me.
I thought about this when I woke up, and returned to this dream a number of occasions before I decided that it could well represent my fear of stepping out of my comfort zone.  So I decided to take some quiet time, go within and revisit the dream in a free-flowing visualisation.  
Quite suprising results, actually.  When I stepped outside of my home, I found myself not with one lion but among a pride of lions all marching majestically along.  I was out on a savannah, right out in the open. As I turned back to look at my home, it folded up l ike a pack of cards. The lion I’d seen, a male lion, invited me to cl imb on his back, and it felt wonderful.  We all walked along until we reached a watering hole where I climbed down and drank with the lions.
Then we returned the way we came until we got to my old home.  he likons asked me if I wante dto return to this home and I said no. We walked on, and then I became aware of the children playing in our neighbour’s house next door, which made me think about play and lightening up.  Straight away we arrived at a playground with swings, roundabouts and slides.  This was my new home!  The lions took me inside, the area was open and exposed, there was a tree house where I could sleep at night, and a barbeque to cook on. A lovely new home for me!
I’d have to say that, for me, the visualisation helped complete the dream I’d had – about having the courage to step out of my comfort zone, have more fun and be out in the open more.  I practised this type of visualisation a while back when I had a dream that got interrupted.  The ending was quite different to what I’d thought the dream had meant and, in fact, heralded a period of severe physical illness for me.

You too can do this if you want to revisit a dream, or you only remember snatches of it. You can settle yourself down somewhere quiet, take a few deep breaths to get centred, and then return to your dream.  Walk through your memories then sit back and see where your inner wisdom takes you. It’s a great, constructive process and it helps build trust in your trust in your intuition.

>My Light Mantra


Years ago, when I lived in Boonah, in South-East Queensland, I had a good friend, Yvonne, who had an esoteric library I used to love to raid.  In one of the books I pored over at home I came across the following mantra, supposedly written by the Ascended Master St German (although for me the jury’s out on the existence of Ascended Masters or otherwise), to which I have returned time and time again.  
And as I’m working with it once more, I thought I’d share it.  What I love is that it’s a ubiquitous mantra which you can adapt according to your own spiritual beliefs.  I like the term “The Lights” because it’s one I feel really comfortable with. But you can work with whatever pleases your soul and spirit: God, Goddess, Jesus, Mary, or whatever you love and work with:
I am a child of The Light.
I live in The Light.
I love The Light.
I serve The Light.
I am protected, supported, sustained and illumined by The Light
And I bless The Light.

>Global stuff to do with the Full Moon Eclipse/Solstice – Karmic Consequences


In my earlier post, I concentrated mainly on what goes on with each of us personally as far as inter-acting with the energies around a Full Moon Eclipse on the same day as the Summer/Winter Solstice.
I’d like to add some additional comments in relation to global developments.   In the heavens around us Chiron (which represents the Wounded Healer and healing) is in the constellation (or that slice of the global pie) which is Pisces.  Pisces is, of course, a watery sign so there are lots of healing energies around watery stuff, lots of upheavals and stormy weather (metaphorically speaking) and some tempests which are both cleansing and healing.
Just after Chiron entered Pisces, the Gulf oil disaster erupted, certainly something coming up from the depths of Mother’s Earth’s oceans.  It shone a very bright spotlight on our oceans, their declining environment, and the activities of Big Oil and its minions in governments around the world, not just the US.
In recent times, we’ve watched the tsunami of Wikileaks spilling out across the airwaves, with another spotlight being shone on the lies peddled by government and industry leaders, as well as on the secrecy and repression exercised in fact by government leaders who publicly spruik about freedom of speech and democratic ideals.
Added to this is a huge swell of change in the world whereby the United States, the superpower since World War II has reached the peak of its wave of growth and expansion, and now is in decline. As this is happening,  China, India, African and South American nations are riding the swell to surf the heights economically and politically as they are now coming to the fore.
Another wave which is becoming even stronger under this Chiron/Pisces combination is the growing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers.  We see walls being built to stop this human movement:  in the United States and Israel with physical walls; in European nations with metaphorical walls of legislation, reaction and racism; and in Australia with a so-called off-shore processing of those turning up off our shores in boats. Off these shores we’ve just seen the most awful result of our shutting our hearts to people in need – desperate people using dangerous methods to try to reach Australia’s shores and drowning in the cyclonic seas off Christmas Island – men, women, children and babies.
In these instances, there is a lot of plain old bullshit being spruiked by government leaders about these movements of humanity, reasons for people movements, and offering very shonky bandaid solutions.
The reality is that people from developing nations are not only fleeing dictators, war and climactic hardship due to climate change.  They are identifying Western nations as offering opportunities but also as being the cause of much of the misery and hardship due to past and present practices of war, exploitation and colonial/imperial occupation.
The chickens are, you might say, coming  home to roost in Western nations with a vengeance.  The present, future and past are inter-twined.  What has been given out in the past resonates in the now.  Thus what Western nations did in Africa, China, India and other regions of the world is resonating and will continue to resonate with the futures of Western nations, developing nations and the world as a whole – of people instead of nation-states.  It’s an unstoppable tsunami which will need to be acknowledged wtih truth, compassion and new ideas if this change is to be dealt with in a graceful way which brings people together rather than drive them apart.
We in Western nations may well say we’re not personally responsible for what has happened in the past.  That is quite true, but the wealth we enjoy now is built on past exploitation. And we are responsble for illegal wars waged in our name when these wars are for control of resources which we are happy to use – oil – and which we don’t want to give away in case we have to  change our lifestyles and lower the standard of living to which we’ve become accustomed and addicted.
We have incarnated at the present time as part of the huge changes sweeping Mother Earth.  We in the West can try to ignore or turn away from the great migratory  movements going on but that’s not going to stop the waves of people in motion, whatever the reason is behind their movements from their own homelands.  We can tune into the galactic energies to look for the truth behind world events and refuse to allow lies and prevarication to weaken and control us. Uranus which is stuffing around in the skies too is like a flash of lightning, shedding cosmic light on world events, shaking us up, bringing in new ways of thinking and acting – if we allow ourselves to be open to these energies.

What we are being asked to do is move beyond the old ideas of differences between people based on country of origin, colour of skin, choice of religion, choice of sexuality, and to open our hearts, souls and minds to the true attribute of love – that we are all one, we are indivisible, we have the spark of light within each of us and we are joined on the cosmic web of light, all glittering together.  This is the true gift of the Full Moon Eclipse/Solstice which sheds such a bright light on the Christmas festivities embraced by so many Western nations – we can open the doors to our hearts, we can change history by not turning away Joseph, Mary and Jesus, we can hold out our hands to clasp those of our brothers and sisters around the global family of Mother Earth.

>Artwork I’ve created in alignment with New & Full Moons, and Eclipses


I’ve uploaded some of the paintings I’ve done at Eclipses, Full and New Moons. I’m not suggesting you need to honour these times as I have, but it does give you an idea of what you can create if that’s how you want to proceed.
I actually feel that what you do in the way of rituals also needs to reflect who you are.  I have a lot of air signs and my Sun and Ascendant signs are in Libra which is all about creativity, art and beauty.  Someone with an Earth sign, might feel drawn to create a ritual with earthy objects,  a person with Fire Signs might go for candles, and a Water sign might want to work with water. OR you might want to work with the opposite energies, it just depends on what your intuition tells you.
 This is one of the few paintings I’ve created in response to a New Moon, most of the artwork has been focused around dreamboards, as the above one is.
The painting below is one I created here in Bowravile and it’s realy big and is hanging on the wall facing my computer.
The “Artist on Fire” is one that came out of left field.  I had in mind to do something quite different but then saw an image of a red hate and decided to go with all the lovely images I found of red hats – cartoons, animals and people.  I’ve got the purple dress but I’m still hanging out for the right red hat. I know it’ll turn up in its own good time, lol. I think my husband’s a bit nervous about the red hat as he’s still adjusting to my emergence with bright purple hair (which I’ve toned down from an all-over colour to streaks at the front, easier to do, lolol).

>More on the Full Moon Eclipse/ Solstice on 21st December


I have had a couple of requests for a bit more detail on the energies surrounding the Full Moon Eclipse on 21st December which coincides with the Summer Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Northern Hermisphere.  This is a powerful period and, if I were you, I’d keep an eye on what is going on around you and in the wider world to get a sense of how these energies operate at a global leve.  For instance, you often get earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and eruptions in public life around these times.
I firstly want to say that I began working with the energies of the Full Moon – powerful, releasing the old – and the New Moon – gentler and opening to the new – when I lived in Traralgon in Victoria.  It’s a bit like being on a gentle swell – rising up to the top of the swell for a Full Moon and then sailing slowly down to the trough at the bottom of the swell, the New Moon.  It’s been a very powerful experience in aligning my energies with the Moon, considering what I need to release in my life and what new openings and opportunities are created by letting go of outmoded bits and pieces and ideas I’ve been holding onto.  
I don’t manage to catch every Full or New Moon, and I don’t beat up on myself if I miss these times, because I’m learning to be a whole lot kinder to myself.  What I have found, though, by regularly returning to honour the Moon/Mother within me, passions and emotions which need acknowledging and being aware of the rhythms of my life, I’ve been able to make significant steps forward.  I’ve also been able to relax and simply do nothing when the feeling arises, as I’m learning to go with the flow of life on Earth.
One point I want to make about honouring the Moon’s phases is that we can work with detaching from the concept that rules our lives – that of the Father who always has to be active and on the go, because that’s what is honoured in our society.  Working with the Moon is co-operating with the Mother/Moon within each of us and learning to listen to emotions, intuition, feelings, quietness and inner values.
Solstices mark the shortest day and longest night in the Northern Hemisphere – the birth of the Sun God as the journey begins from the darkest day of winter in the light of Spring.  In the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite happens – it marks the longest day and shortest night, and the start of the decline of the Sun towards autumn and then winter.
I’m not going to go into details about rituals around these days because I feel it depends on each country, where you live and how you feel about celebrating these days, but they ARE powerful times of the year.  For instance, here in Australia the energy of heat and dryness in summer feels quite opposite to the sort of rather humid summers you get in the UK.  If I were to celebrate an energy here in Australia, it would be the fire and heat of summer at its peak, and paying homage too to the power of water to interact with fire to restore balance.  In the darkness of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the energies relate to snow, cold, water, quite the opposite. So in thinking of how you relate to these days – the longest day and shortest night/shortest day and longest night – I feel it’s important to tune into your relation with these energies, how they are operating in your life at present, and how you personally feel from your heart how you’re drawn to honour this important part of our yearly cycle.
The cyclic nature of the Solstices is further energised on 21st December by the Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini.  Full Moons are times of peak lunar energy – what is secret and emotional within you which needs to be brought into the light of day and released for transmutation into new opportunities which open up at the time of the New Moon.  The Full Moon is a powerful time.  Humans respond to it subsconsiously, as we can see in reports of more episodes of violence, mental instability and so on at the time of the Full Moon.  My faher was a Cancer, and neither myself nor my husband would go near him at the Full Moon as he would be moody and off his head with aggression.  When Dad lived next door to us, Bryan used to look up on the time around the Full Moon and remark on the black energy he felt surrounding Dad’s house.
If you look at the mechanics of a Full Moon Eclipse, the Earth is casting a shadow on the Moon, and stopping it from reflecting the Sun’s light. So the Earth’s energy is actually energising this period and inter-acting with the lunar, emotional intensities being birthed by the  Full Moon.  It’s a time when you can tune into what needs releasing emotionally, but working with Mother Earth to give the power and grounding you need to actually do the practical work of release.  
In astrological terms, this Full Moon Eclipse occurs in Gemini – communication, Trickster, truth, deception, as I mentioned in my earlier post. If you can visualise the galaxy as a circle with twelve pie shapes cut into it to represent the twelve constellations in the sky above and through which the Moon moves relatively quickly in relation to the Sun and other planets, this eclipse is happening in the latter part of the particular pie slice which represents Gemini.  So it heralds endings, change and new beginnings. We are being drawn to check in withourselves to look at the endings and beginnings in our lives, and to be aware and conscious of the decisions we make with deliberation rather than with haste.
What does this mean in terms of energy in our own particular circumstances?  If you look at each of us, we have the Sun/Father and the Moon/Mother within us.  All too often we externalise our hopes and fears for these energies onto individuals such as political leaders, famous people and so on.  In the case of the US, a lot of hope for change was placed on President Obama.  In Australia, the position of women in leadership roles was placed in the spotlight with the election of the country’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.  The reality is that neither of these are superman or superwoman.  They’re ordinary human beings, the same as you and me.  So it’s my belief that this is a time when we need to stop looking to other individuals for solutions and expecting them to do the work which is rightfully that of each individual,  and look to ourselves to be the power in our lives. It’s time, you might say, to embrace your  Sun/Father and Moon/Mother and sort out what power you have within you which need to be released and put to work – with pride and polish – in your daily life however you lead it.
Now this is going to be different for everyone because we are all individuals.  The trick is to look deep within and honour and acknowledge the passion in yourself.  What makes your life passionate?  What really makes you tick?  What do you love? Dig around, haul all the fears and hopes and truth out into the emotional light of day and then work with earth energies to create a ritual which releases all the stuff the holds you back and honours that which you wish to embrace in yourself and your life.
As I’ve already said above, I think it’s important to sort out a ritual which resonates for you.  Quite often I’ll create a painting or dreamboard.  I’ll light candles.  I’ll build a small altar of crystals, stones and rocks.  It depends on what I get called to do, and I don’t try and force the issue.  I wait until I get images in my head because visualisation is  my big strength. the one thing I always do is write down my goals on some lovely Chinese wishing paper a good friend gave me and then, when I’ve completed my ritual, I burn the paper.  I’d suggest you do the same and watch how your paper burns – if it flares up and burns fast, you’re open to what you’re doing in relation to your life.  If the paper sputters and goes out so you have to light it again, and perhaps relight it on many occasions, you may be experiencing some blockages which you need to dig out and have a good look at, to decide what you want to do to move on.
Some of you will be drawn to different avenues of action depending on whether your hearing/sight or feeling are your dominant ways of working.  I am very strong visually, for example, as I’ve just explained.  My husband’s main sense is hearing – he is very sensitive to noises and can listen to music and pick out all the different instruments, voices and so on.  Me?  I’m tone-deaf and while I love music, it’s the overall sound which enthralls me, I can’t distinguish the separate features.  Other people FEEL strongly, they’re very sensitive to negative or positive energies, they’ll sense the relationships between people and react accordingly.  So tune into yourself, that is SO important, and sort out how you feel drawn to honour how the energies of the Solstice and Full Moon Eclipse by tuning into yourself and what’s going on around you.
I’ve always felt strongly with my work that my way of working with people is to empower each person, not to hold a person’s hand and do the donkey work for them, but to offer suggestions and advice, and then let that person go so that they can go within, access their own energies, work with them, and decide what is appropriate to grow at each particular stage of one’s dance of life on Mother Earth.  It’s not something you need to do in a hurry.  I’ve found a more methodical approach to growing yourself – even though it might sound a bit contradictory, and it’s taken me a lifetime to work this out! – is a good way to move forward.  It provides strong, steady steps and also – and this is really important – it allows you to incorporate change at a pace which suits you and which is also easier for people around you.  When you work on growing into new parts of your life, if others find it challenging, they’ll do their level best to press your buttons so you stay the same, non-threatening person they’ve always known.  I think it’s important – wherever possible – to work with those around you and have care and compassion for them too, so you do your work of living and working with your spiritual, heart and soul energies in an all-round way.
I hope the above is useful.  Please feel free to post any queries you may have or any suggestions for other people.

>Full Moon Eclipse & Summer/Winter Solstice 21st December


This is a very quick note to remind everyone that next Tuesday 21st is the Summer Solstice (in the Southern Hemisphere where I live) and Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (where a whole lot more of you live).  At the same time there is going to be a Full Moon Eclipse.
This makes for a very powerful galactic occasion, heaps of energies, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the lead-up to this occasion and in the aftermath.
This Full Moon Eclipse/Solstice is in Germini so think of curiosity; communication; adaptability; curiosity; two sides of the same coin; Trickster, with the potential to feel also the negative side of feeling scattered, nervous, ungrounded and ambivalent.
Times for the Full Moon Eclipse are:
US West Coast: 00.15
US East Coast 03.15
London 8.15
Sydney 19.15

As ever, I’d suggest if you’re interested in tuning into these energies that you might consider creating a Full Moon painting to embody for your hopes, fears and dreams around this time of the year; and a ritual to honour these energies.  The best ritual is one you can imagine yourself and create your own energies and ideas.