>Dragonfly & Birds – Stuffing Around with Watercolour Pencils

>I’ve done another piece of artwork for Art Every Day Month, this time stuffing around with watercolour pencils.  I’ve had them for quite a while but never got round to working with them as I’ve never worked with watercolours at all.  But one of the gals at the workhop on Saturday worked with them and I was inspired to jump in the deep end and see how they worked out.

The image for a dragonfly came from a lovely card a good friend in Melbourne sent me for my birthday.  So I created the dragonfly first, although I rather think it looks like a demented rocket with wings.  Then I just worked around it in any colours which drew my attention.  I then added some birds (again!), and finally put in some blobs of colour and then let them run just to see what would happpen.  Funnily enough, the two blobs with a sort of tail and resting on legs (sort of) remind me of an artwork image that I saw in a Salvador Dali painting, part of an exhibition by the artist at the Art  Gallery of Victoria. 

Mind you, I ain’t comparing myself with Dali!!!  I’ve just really enjoyed playing around with no feeling of pressure and simply enjoying the inspiration being part of AEDM has provided.


5 thoughts on “>Dragonfly & Birds – Stuffing Around with Watercolour Pencils

  1. >Thanks for the comments. I must admit, now I've dipped my toes into the waters of watercolours, I'm going to mess around some more, it's such fun dropping water all over the place, and it's also, for me, a way of letting go as the water takes you in completely new directions to what you set out to create.


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