>Halloween – A Spiritual Perspective

> Halloween has been commercialised out of all recognition with its spiritual traditions.  So as the 31st October approaches, you might be interested in creating your own ritual to honour this magickal festival.  And if you want a different perspective, I’d like to recommend an MP3 download by astrologer, Jessica Murry, on http://www.MotherSky.com.  It’s US$10 … More >Halloween – A Spiritual Perspective

>Some feedback on astro-crystal-mandala healing

> A while back I released an e-book on working with astrology, mandalas and crystals for healing purposes.  I thought I’d provide some feedback as I’ve found with this process that it’s very subtle and results take place over time rather than instantaneously. I think when we talk of healing we’d all like it to … More >Some feedback on astro-crystal-mandala healing

>Warming up

> Along the east coast of Australia we’re experiencing  what is called the La Nina effect from changing  currents and weather patterns in the Pacific Ocean.  The result – embarrassing to admit since Australia is always seen as warm and sunny – is that three weeks ago torrential rain started which carried on for two … More >Warming up