>A path of Passion 2

>As part of my retreat, I also felt compelled to create a piece of artwork which I think rather reflects the energy I feel at letting go of juggling too many balls and focusing only on the two main passions of my life:

I actually set out to create a montage of Aboriginal artwork I cut out of a 2010 diary I bought at the beginning of the year. Aboriginal art always talks to me because it’s so symbolic and I find it fascinating how Aboriginal artists sing their connection to this Earth into their artwork.

However, when I had finished the underlay paint of yellow, orange, red and ochre spreading out from the centre, I really felt drawn to continue to create a painting as opposed to a collage. And the above is the result.

At the centre is a polish cabochon of Tiger Eye surrou8nded by small Tiger Eye tumbled stones. These represent, for me at least, coming back down to Earth in relation to expressing my passions, and not being off in th ether with airy-fairy dreams which, with all due respect to them, send me hairing off in too many directions.

The yellow wavy circle represents my self-confidence and the journey of self-healing I’ve followed in order to express my passions in my own way. Around this are polished Citrine chips which represent the abundance and lightness I feel in my heart now I feel more aligned with what feeds the passion in my life.

The next, red, wavy circle represents the energy I feel now that I’m actually centred in my heart and I’ve let go of extraneous goals which were draining my energy. Around this are small, tumbled Carnelian stones which I always know as the Harvest Stone. ‘Nuff said.

The orange, wavy circle is my creative energy expanding while the small, Clear Quartz tumbled stones around this circle represent clarity of purpose.

Finally, the purple of the outermost wavy circle represents for me the spiritual inspiration which feeds my work, and my aim to be a channel to bring Spirit to Earth in my creativity.

The four black stones in each corner are a bit of a mystery. They could be black onyx or they could be obsidian, but either way they represent the stability of being grounded and aligned with the four directions – East, West, North and South – and four energies – Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

I might add that all this has only come to me as I’ve completed this painting and stood back and looked at it. It’s always a surprise what eventuates in creating artwork when I listen to intuition, keep my logical side under wraps, and simply go with the flow.

And, yes, I’ve yet to decide what I’m going to do with the photos of Aboriginal artwork which are still to be given a home!

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