>Ritual – Honouring the planetary energies of the Full Moon Eclipse of 25th-26th July 2010


I have posted this tonight (my time, Eastern Standard Time, Australia) to remind those of you in countries behind Australia time-wise that you may be interested in carrying out a ritual to honour this Eclipse or to acknowledge those planets involved.  For those in Australia, the Full Moon Eclipse takes place on the 26th July, so this will arrive in due time for you.
I like to honour each of these Eclipses with an astro-crystal-mandala with two candles lit either side, and I write down an affirmation to resonate with these energies, and burn it to send my intention out into the Universe.  Here’s my mandala, the two tea-lights either side have been lit but that’s  not too clear in the pic.
Here’s my mandala:
The stones are as follows: 
At top is a Whale Inner Ear Bone Fossil which represents my  Sun Sign in relation to the current Eclipse and times thereafter.  Bottom right is a Chrysocolla which represents my Moon sign and ont he left is a Libyan Desert Glass which represents my Rising Sign (and for me this is a particular path of truth, honesty and integrity).
In the centre is a stone of Shattuckite/Chrysocolla/Plancheite which represents the central energies of the Eclipse and which resonate with Maiden/Mother/Crone energies.
Around this stone are Smoky Citrine (Uranus), Papagoite (Neptune), Girasol (Jupiter), Prophecy Stone (Pluto) and Fire Agate (Mars).
I always work with Pipestone as the anchor stone.
Now,  you don’t need to work with the energies the way I do.  You could light a candle for each planetary energy, including the Sun and the Moon.  Or you could draw a mandala to depict what this Eclipse means for you.  Or you can perform any other ritual which appeals to and calls you.  This is your ritual and whatever you create needs to have meaning for you.

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