>Yes, I know I’m banging on about matters astrological again, but the Full Moon Eclipse which takes place on 25th or 26th July, depending on where you are in the world, is another full-on encounter with cosmic consciousness.

It is the start of the huge planetary challenges which face us leading up to 2012 and the years beyond. These are in three phases:
a) from the current run of Eclipses through to 2011
b) from 2012-16
c) from 2017-23.

The Full Moon Eclipse tomorrow in Aquarius, this sign having the following qualities:
Potential: Utopian, idealistic, humanitarian, visionary, freedom-loving,eccentric, genius, independent, individualistic, original, inventive, honest,inventive.
Pratfalls: Aloof, detached, out of touch, lunatic, unfocused, naïve,escapist, narcissistic, cold, irresponsible, violent, irrational, intractable.

At this time, Saturn is moving opposite Uranus for the firth, and final, hit of this cycle of oppositions. The first was on the day that Obama was elected President of the United States. As I’ve already said in an earlier post, the energies of Saturn and Uranus could clearly be seen in this event – Saturn representing the status quo in John McCain, and Uranus, which represents a break from the past, in Barack Obama. But as these two planets are diametrically opposed, there’s been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between these two energies ever since.

Saturn acts a bit like the guardian at the gate between the inner planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – which, due to their smaller orbits around the sun, affect our daily lives and psyches more closely; and between the outer planets – Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, which – due to their much longer orbits – affect the collective consciousness. The workings of these outer planets are mysterious, unpredictable and revolutionary in the sense that they shake us up, shake us down, and clear out stagnant energies or bring them to the surface where we are forced to acknowledge them and, hopefully, deal with them

Without going into all the planetary placements, added to this brew and hanging around too stirring things up are Pluto (death, underworld, hidden matters, etc), Mars (action, powerful energy) and Mercury which is 180deg. apart from Neptune. Neptune relates to illusion, hidden matters, pretence, deception, while Mercury is about communication in all its shapes and forms.

All these are part and parcel of the Grand Cross (or Grand Crossroads, if that makes it clearer) which is part and parcel of the great challenges facing us in the forthcoming years leading up to 2017-23. These are explosive times – as I’m writing this, I’ve just heard that BP is now planning to drill for oil in deep waters off Libya, possitbly related to hidden matters regarding Megrahi, the so-called Lockerbie bomber who was returned to Libya due to illness (I’ve used the term “so-called” because Megrahi has always claimed to be innocent, and many relatives of those killed in the tragedy also believe there has been a cover-up of the true facts and have called for a fuller inquiry.) At the same time, in that other tinder-box, the Middle East, I’ve also just heard that authorities in East Jerusalem are demolishing Palestinian homes to build Jewish homes in their place, further exacerbating tensions in this region of the world. (You might remember that in this Eclipse season, ten peace activists on a ship trying to break the Gaza blockade were killed by Israeli troops).

However, this isn’t about politics as such, it’s about the truth bubbling up from the hidden depths. It’s about what is REAL in this world, rather than the surface ILLUSION.

There’s a lot of info around about these times, from Native American prophecies to Mayan prophecies to matters astrological. In these times we are being called to return to balance – to release our obsession with all matters to do with the left-brain approach to life – economic growth, wars, aggression, lies, subterfuge, pillage of the Earth – and to re-integrate with the right-brain approach – compassion, heart-centred living, care of Mother Earth, respect for the Divine Feminine.

In practical terms, we are being faced with the surfacing of all the illusions, lies and subterfuge which characterise our political systems today. We have Pluto in the mix which traditionally represents global conglomerates working behind the scenes; Saturn representing politicians as the public face of these conglomerates and operating on their behalf rather than for the common good; and Uranus, whichi n astrological terms relates to democracy and governance for the good of the majority – the people.

In recent times, as the dance of Saturn and Uranus has been played out in the heavens above us, we’ve seen the machinations of Big Oil surface in the form of BP and the oil spill in the Gulf. In actual fact, if you look at Third World countries, much of the same pollution occurs there but it’s not covered in our media, so the cosmos has dished us up the Gulf OIl spill, right on the doorsteps and in full view of the Western world, to make us sit up and take notice of how our care of this planet is being found very wanting indeed.

We are being called to self-empowerment – to give away allowing others to set the agenda for us, and to empower ourselves by trusting our intuition, what means truth to us and listening to our hearts. We are being called to honour what makes life real for us, not to turn our heads away from lies and pretence, illusion and subterfuge, but to open our eyes to these distortions and return ourselves to an authentic presence in the world today. It is a time of getting rid of old baggage, clearing our lives out from that which no longer works or which we use to avoid facing up to reality, and turning to work for compassion, the truth, tolerance, diversity and the right way of living and co-habiting on and with Mother Earth.

How we do this depends on each individual, there is no right way in terms of telling people what to do. I think the guiding principle is that old adage: “An’ it harms none”.  The right way is to listen to our hearts and souls and working out how we best function given who we are, and our gifts and talents. Some of you may shrug (as I used to do) and feel you don’t have gifts and talents. But as I’ve pointed out recently, if the whole purpose of your life is to be kind to others, that’s enough. If you like to write, as I do, then I need to write in ways which resonate with the cosmic energies of these times. If you like caring for children, be proud of your life’s purpose. We don’t have to do big things or be famous. But we do have to re-connect with the power of love for each other, for ourselves, for Mother Earth and for the great cosmos which not only loves and supports us, but is calling to us ever louder to be authentic and true to our hearts and souls.

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  1. >browsing – found you on Leah's Creative Everyday list and was fascinated with this post, and loved your conclusions. Also, the Wild Woman thing called to me because of my own Wylde Women's Wisdom thing on my site (and my cronedom, too – which to my way of thinking is the whole Wylde thing coming into being). Nice to meet you!


  2. >Hi, Tammy – Good to hear from you and make contact with another Crone and Wild Woman! I actually went through a Croning ceremony after menopause in 2002 and it was a wonderful experience.


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