>Hitting the Glitter Bottle Again!

>Yes, folks, I’ve been hitting the glitter bottle again, great fun, and with interesting results. I’ve posted two versions of my painting below as it was incredibly difficult to actually get a fix on photographing the canvans.  Really weird.  It was if the painting was slip, sliding away, to quote Paul Simon.  But when I hung it on the wall, I realised that it’s actually a result of all the work I’ve been doing over the past year and during the recent period when there have been so many,  powerful eclipses.  To me, it represents the lightness I’ve been feeling recently, and it looks as if it’s a fusion of air and water, because the figures can be birds or fish (well, that’s the way it seems to me).  And it’s all blue which can be the air or the sea.  I have a dichotomy between the air (thinking) and water (feeling) elements within me, and it seems to be that finally I might be melding the two instead of cantering back between the different elements.  I live in hope (big grin).

If these images mean anything to you, please let me know as I’d be interested to find out how others feel about this painting.

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