>Full Moon Eclipse Dreamboard


This month I decided to participate in Jamie Ridler’s monthly Full Moon Dreamboard project, as we’ve done quite a bit of space-clearing and re-vamping in our home and I thought it would be a good idea to align my energies with the changes. I also wanted to move into harmony with the Full Moon Eclipse on 26th June, as it came just after the Winter Solstice, here in Australia, and heralded the opening up of Uranus in Aries energies cosmically-speaking.
So here’s my painting – I meant to get a smaller canvas but couldn’t find one I quite liked, so ended up with one of the biggest I’ve worked on:
Full Moon Elipse Dreamboard 26th June                            
I wanted to focus on movement, dance, energy and a healthier approach to living as I’ve had some rather challenging times with health in the last couple of years.
I had enormous fun creating this Dreamboard and it feels like it has a lot of fire and dragon energy in it.  I’m not quite certain why the Goddess Sarawati ended up in the middle, but I knew I had to a) include her and b) have her right in the middle.
What is interesting is that it’s a lot lighter than an earlier Dreamboard I created while living in Traralgon, Victoria.  You can see the difference between the above and the one I did then:
Full Moon Eclipse Dreamboard created in Victoria in 2009    
I feel like my husband and I have shifted some heavy baggage since we moved here, so hopefully it’s full steam ahead from now on.

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