>Space-Clearing our Home

>Over the past few days I’ve been busy re-tuning the house to more expansive energies. We have moved my gear from our second bedroom, where I felt really tucked away and invisible, to our centre room. We’ve also stripped the old, boring, tan carpet from both bedrooms and Bryan’s busy cleaning up the floorboards so that we can estapol them.

Added to that, I’ve been in a frenzy of cleaning and dusting as I’ve felt us both moving more into another, more open part of our lives. We moved in here last December, and were really quite stressed by our latest move. Apart from my nearly croaking it from heatstroke when we moved in, we also were taking care of Rosie who was very frail. It was hard watching her decline, until we finally put her to sleep in January of old-age. She stopped eating and drinking, climbed into her basket and went into a coma, slipping off the planet in her own, sweet way.

So until now, I’ve been working on getting healthier and we’ve both been getting over losing our pet of 16.5 years. Until recently, when Bryan suddenly suggesting moving my gear into our middle room, so that he could start getting his model railway up and running. The good part of all this is that I didn’t suggest it, so there was no comeback on me as we shifted my furniture out of the first bedroom, then had to shuffle all the bedroom furniture around as we stripped out the carpet there.

I really felt the need to have a good old Solstice clean (as it’s not Spring, lol), and also to free up energies prior to the Full Moon Eclipse this Friday 26th June.

Bryan went down to Macksville to do the shopping, so I did some energy clearing – first with my rattle, then with my Tibetan mini-cymbals, then with an aura spray I made up. This consisted of 15 drops each of Jupiter, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Peppermint and Basil in a large spray bottle. And finally I had a grand time banging my drum which felt terrific, haven’t drummed for ages.

The home feels much better, energised and centred. So here’s a pic of my energy tools:

They are, from left to right top row: rainstick; drumbeater; feather fan; two rattles; Tibetan cymbals. Bottom row, left to right: a bag holding Aboriginal clapsticks; bag holding the rune stones I created from beach stones I found in a beautiful, magical cove in north-east Scotland; blue bag holds material to do with soul retrieval; adn the final bag holds all the gifts I got from women with whom I did a crone ritual.

Here’s my drum:

The spider represents my totem, the Om sign my spiritual path, the fires my creative energy, and the pattern at the top my Irish and Welsh Celtic heritage. It’s amazing how putting your energy into the drum by decorating it yourself changes the tone and depth.

If you’re interested in tuning into the Full Moon Eclipse, you might consider some sort of ritual yourself, but entirely how you feel drawn to create such a ritual.

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