>Glitter Gal Strikes Again!


A while back, I started on a painting and came to a grinding halt.  I had no new ideas so set it aside.  At least I’ve learned not to push things but to wait until everything falls into place.
Well, this happened last night.  All of a sudden I felt compelled to finish the painting, and what can I say?  Glitter Gal rode again1  Glitter everywhere, on the artwork, on my desk and on me.  But what fun!
So here’s a pic of the painting, which I realised as I was feverishly slapping glitter paint and sparkles in all directions that this is related to the Full Moon Eclipse on 26th June.  I don’t quite know why.  It’s not brilliant artwork, but who gives a stuff?  It gave me great pleaasure to create it and, for some reason, I’ve got a sort of feeling that it’s sending out, in some small way, positive energies towards what could be quite challenging times ahead.

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