>Full Moon Eclipse Dreamboard


This month I decided to participate in Jamie Ridler’s monthly Full Moon Dreamboard project, as we’ve done quite a bit of space-clearing and re-vamping in our home and I thought it would be a good idea to align my energies with the changes. I also wanted to move into harmony with the Full Moon Eclipse on 26th June, as it came just after the Winter Solstice, here in Australia, and heralded the opening up of Uranus in Aries energies cosmically-speaking.
So here’s my painting – I meant to get a smaller canvas but couldn’t find one I quite liked, so ended up with one of the biggest I’ve worked on:
Full Moon Elipse Dreamboard 26th June                            
I wanted to focus on movement, dance, energy and a healthier approach to living as I’ve had some rather challenging times with health in the last couple of years.
I had enormous fun creating this Dreamboard and it feels like it has a lot of fire and dragon energy in it.  I’m not quite certain why the Goddess Sarawati ended up in the middle, but I knew I had to a) include her and b) have her right in the middle.
What is interesting is that it’s a lot lighter than an earlier Dreamboard I created while living in Traralgon, Victoria.  You can see the difference between the above and the one I did then:
Full Moon Eclipse Dreamboard created in Victoria in 2009    
I feel like my husband and I have shifted some heavy baggage since we moved here, so hopefully it’s full steam ahead from now on.

>Another Grand Vision

>In an earlier blog I talked about two people who fell in love with a crumbling ruin of a home in France, bought it off the internet within two days of seeing it, and restored the house as a labour of love.

A few days ago I watched a programme about a man with a vision who also followed through on his dream. His name is Peter Roberts and he was a man who was well off, had his own business but got increasingly dissatisfied with the way he was living his life. He felt spiritually unfulfilled, and headed off into a completely new direction which was to change his life and those of others whom he’s been able to assist with his new creative outlet.

Mr Roberts tracked down where he could learn harp therapy and took off to the US with his wife and kids for a couple of years to learn how to play the harp, build harps and offer harp therapy to people in hospices and hospitals. I had read of harp therapy where people go into hospitals and play for patients, tuning in to each person’s needs, so I was fascinated to find someone who wasn’t part of this movement, but who took it up of his own accord

On returning from the US, Peter started taking his harp into hospices where he played to those who were dying and on their way into the hereafter. A lady with terminal ovarian cancer was interviewed, who testified how the harp music helped her cope with pain and accept her forthcoming death. Mr Roberts played the harp at her funeral and, as her coffin left the church, played a tango so that she could dance her way into the afterlife.

Peter also started playing in nurseries for premature babies where nurses and doctors found that the sound of the harp helped premmies settle down, improve their breathing and slow their heartbeat. There’s currently a scientific survey being carried out of harp music being played to premmies to establish just how the music helps their healing process.

Peter started off offering his services on a voluntary basis, but then had to sell his home and move into a smaller one, on order to survive financially. Peter has now been taken on contract by a hospital, which has stabilised his financial circumstances. He continues to play the harp for those in hospice care, for premmie babies and for others in hospital whom he can help with his music.

I found this programme quite inspirational – that someone could realise that they were lacking spiritually in their lives, really take the road less travelled, and end up providing comfort and healing to the many thousands of people, chidlren and babies with his harp music.

So if you find yourself also drawn to follow the road less travelled, set out knowing that you’ll find adventures, new beginnings and solace for the soul by following your heart.

>Space-Clearing our Home

>Over the past few days I’ve been busy re-tuning the house to more expansive energies. We have moved my gear from our second bedroom, where I felt really tucked away and invisible, to our centre room. We’ve also stripped the old, boring, tan carpet from both bedrooms and Bryan’s busy cleaning up the floorboards so that we can estapol them.

Added to that, I’ve been in a frenzy of cleaning and dusting as I’ve felt us both moving more into another, more open part of our lives. We moved in here last December, and were really quite stressed by our latest move. Apart from my nearly croaking it from heatstroke when we moved in, we also were taking care of Rosie who was very frail. It was hard watching her decline, until we finally put her to sleep in January of old-age. She stopped eating and drinking, climbed into her basket and went into a coma, slipping off the planet in her own, sweet way.

So until now, I’ve been working on getting healthier and we’ve both been getting over losing our pet of 16.5 years. Until recently, when Bryan suddenly suggesting moving my gear into our middle room, so that he could start getting his model railway up and running. The good part of all this is that I didn’t suggest it, so there was no comeback on me as we shifted my furniture out of the first bedroom, then had to shuffle all the bedroom furniture around as we stripped out the carpet there.

I really felt the need to have a good old Solstice clean (as it’s not Spring, lol), and also to free up energies prior to the Full Moon Eclipse this Friday 26th June.

Bryan went down to Macksville to do the shopping, so I did some energy clearing – first with my rattle, then with my Tibetan mini-cymbals, then with an aura spray I made up. This consisted of 15 drops each of Jupiter, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Peppermint and Basil in a large spray bottle. And finally I had a grand time banging my drum which felt terrific, haven’t drummed for ages.

The home feels much better, energised and centred. So here’s a pic of my energy tools:

They are, from left to right top row: rainstick; drumbeater; feather fan; two rattles; Tibetan cymbals. Bottom row, left to right: a bag holding Aboriginal clapsticks; bag holding the rune stones I created from beach stones I found in a beautiful, magical cove in north-east Scotland; blue bag holds material to do with soul retrieval; adn the final bag holds all the gifts I got from women with whom I did a crone ritual.

Here’s my drum:

The spider represents my totem, the Om sign my spiritual path, the fires my creative energy, and the pattern at the top my Irish and Welsh Celtic heritage. It’s amazing how putting your energy into the drum by decorating it yourself changes the tone and depth.

If you’re interested in tuning into the Full Moon Eclipse, you might consider some sort of ritual yourself, but entirely how you feel drawn to create such a ritual.

>Grand Designs – A Vision Splended


I’d intended to wind up blogging for this session, but then caught the tail-end of a quite inspirational TV programme called “Grand Designs”.  Folk in the UK will know this programme.  It follows people building their dream homes, and the homes raneg from Gothic homes complete with gargoyles, mud-brick homes to very modern structures.
The progamme I watched tonight to me showed how the Universe works in mysterious ways.  It was about a couple who’d been together for five years and were stooging on the internet looking for a home in the UK.  What they ended up with, believe it or not, was a wreck of a house in a remote region of France.  They “happened” to come across an advertisement for this home and bought it, off the internet, within two days.
The house they bought was just a shell of the original home.  It was four storeys high, plus a cellar, and had been used by the French Resistance until the Nazis found out and torched the house.
This couple then set about rebuilding this chateau-type house, living in a caravan while they did so.  They had the support of the local people who gave the couple advice on how the house had been originally. They thought it was fantastic to see the old house being restored to its former glory, since it had been left as a ruin when it had been torched 60 years ago.
Now consider that these two didn’t speak French, had no building skills, yet set about doing ALL the work themselves – rebuilding the original brickwork; restoring the inner walls; installing plumbing; installing a new kitchen; decorating a kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom with en-suite and gym on the top floor, as well as papering the walls with wallpaper that had a design reminiscent of 60 years ago;  and renovating four bedrooms on the intervening two floors, with all those bedrooms having en-suite also.
The furniture they put into the house was also respectful of the era in which the house had operated, and they had the most beautiful antiques through this now glorious home. Many of their neighbours donated furniture to this home because they appreciated the couple’s dedication and genuinely warm attitude.  As a result, the quite small community – where normally outsiders would take decades to be accepted – have taken this couple to their hearts and now treat them as honoured and valued members of the community.
When the story started, it seemed almost unimaginable that this couple, probably in their mid-fifties could ever complete this project.  Yet they succeeded, they now operate a Bed & Breakfast service, and are absolutely ecstatic living in this home. All the hard work hasn’t phased them at all, and it’s hard to believe that this glorious old home was renovated and restored by a couple with not a skerrick of building skills between them. AND they did all the work themselves. Amazing and courageous stuff.
It’s my belief that they were drawn to restore this home to its former glory because it called to them, and because it spoke to their hearts and souls.  And the best part was that they heeded this call to their spirit and followed the siren call of this old, rundown ruin.  So listen up, folks – when you get this kind of call yourself, listen to it and do your damndest to follow it to your best possible efforts, regardless of the difficulties, challenges or fears you may face. Courage has its own, fine rewards and very often not in the way you expect.

>Full Moon Elipse Astro-Crystal-Mandala


I’m really enjoying worked with astrology, crystals and mandalas.  I created one to align with Uranus moving into Aries, and I do have to say that I’m feeling full of beans and far more energetic than I’ve felt for ages.  I’ve also noticed that the writing is flowing again.
Yesterday afternoon, however, I felt very strongly that it was time to create a mandala which aligned my energies with the forthcoming Full Moon Eclipse at the end of the month.  I do keep ranting on about this, don’t I?  It’s something I feel is important but I’m not quite sure why yet.  And I’m also finding it interesting that so many people are feeling uncertain, a bit weird or just querying what on earth is going on around us.
So here’s my new astro-crystal-mandala:

The stones I’ve worked with are:
Violet-Gold Namibian Chalcedony; Stibnite; Sugilite; Petrified Wood; Rainbow Obsidian; Galaxyite; Shattuckite & Quartz; Amazonite; Starry Jasper; Sunstone; Mother’s Heart; Angel Quartz; Starburst Nebula stone; and Aegerine. At the front is my permanent stone; Pipestone, which anchors the energies.
At each side are Crow wings. On the left-hand side is a bird’s nest we found today, and I’ve placed a Cave Pearl inside.  And beside the Buddha image is an Amethyst Elestial point, and a Witches’ Finger Quartz.

>Glitter Gal Strikes Again!


A while back, I started on a painting and came to a grinding halt.  I had no new ideas so set it aside.  At least I’ve learned not to push things but to wait until everything falls into place.
Well, this happened last night.  All of a sudden I felt compelled to finish the painting, and what can I say?  Glitter Gal rode again1  Glitter everywhere, on the artwork, on my desk and on me.  But what fun!
So here’s a pic of the painting, which I realised as I was feverishly slapping glitter paint and sparkles in all directions that this is related to the Full Moon Eclipse on 26th June.  I don’t quite know why.  It’s not brilliant artwork, but who gives a stuff?  It gave me great pleaasure to create it and, for some reason, I’ve got a sort of feeling that it’s sending out, in some small way, positive energies towards what could be quite challenging times ahead.

>Copernicus – Father of Modern Astrology – A Uranian example


I have been hoarding a newspaper cutting about Copernicus which I’ve been meaning to put into a blog for ages, so here I go at long last.
I don’t know how many of you saw the news report that Nicolaus Copernicus, the 16th-century father of modern astronomy, was finally buried in the 14th century cathedral of Frombork, his northern Polish home town.  His grave is marked by a black granite headstone engraved with a map of the solar system.
Copernicus turned astronomy on its head as, until then, the Earth had been considered the centre of the Universe (at least by Western people).  He posited that the Sun was centre of the universe, encircled by Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto had not been discovered at that time.)

In 1616, the Vatican labelled his theory as heresy and banned his pioneering work De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (On the Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres).  This work was published shortly before his death in 1543 at the age of 70.  He was buried in an unmarked tomb, and his remains were positively identified recently by DNA: two strands of Copernicus’ hair were found in an ancient tome that had belonged to Copernicus and had been carted off to Sweden as booty by Swedes during their 17th century war with Poland.
The Catholic Church only struck his work from its list of banned books in 1835.
Now, if you’re wondering why I’m wittering on about all this, it’s because I’ve been reading another book by the astrologer, Liz Greene, where she points out that it’s symptomatic of how Uranian ideas – futurology, you  might see – are very often rejected when they are first put forward.  It usually takes a prolonged period – anything from 70-300 years – to be recognised and accepted as actually being okay. In the meantime, the originator of these Uranian ideas quite often faced the fate of being burned at the stake, tortured, excommunicated, ejected from society or quite simply banned from public life and discussion.
Which is what happened to poor old Copernicus.  At least he was lucky and died of old age.  It just took a long time for his ideas to be recognised as revolutionary.  Even then, they weren’t spot on, but neverthless it was a great step forward from earlier fixed ideas that everything revolved around the Earth.
I’d have to say that we are still pretty Earth-centric.  I’m always rather amused by scientists’ views that life could not exist on certain planets or other realms in the Universe if they don’t contain the building blocks we know as eseential to life on earth. It never seems to occur to them that what is required for life in other galaxies might be quite different to what is required for life on Earth.
So there you go – another Uranian idea which opens up the possibility that life elsewhere might require building blocks quite different to those needed on Earth.  But I guess as this too is Uranian, it will take seventy years or more to come to fruition.  And in the meantime, I’ll hope to die naturally of old age rather than get put on a bonfire
Finally, keep your eyes peeled for new technology, inventions, innovations which arise in the current period.  Given that Uranus is now in Aries, we may well find that there is more impetus to the acceptance of new ideas, particularly given that awareness of the damage being inflicted on Gaia is growing along with the recognition that we are going to need to live in different ways in the future, if we are to leave the Earth in good shape for future generations.