>More on Uranus in Aries, Part Four – Full Moon Eclipse end of June

>I am winding up this series of posts around Uranus in Aries with some info about the Full Moon Eclipse at the end of this month – on 26th June, to be precise. So this is the last post on this subject for the time being – honest

The Full Moon Eclipse is taking place four weeks after Uranus, complete with its revolutionary, upheaval-ish Trickster energies, has wafted into Aries, complete with is own fiery, impetuous, push ahead energies.

The Full Moon Eclipses are usually a time of growth and awareness, with their effects lasting well after the actual event. On this occasion, however, the Eclipse is taking place with Uranus square, which means from an astrological perspective, an angle of 90deg. This usually implies conflict and friction. And hanging around right next to the Eclipse is Pluto, conjunct, which means its close and full-on with its own volcanic energies.

I have actually just had my own, Plutonic hissy fit as the post I originally did on the Full Moon Eclipse was lost when my website froze up. Grrrr!

But onwards and upwards, teacups. Pluto is one of the outer planets I mentioned in an earlier post. It covers on a personal level upheaval, huge changes, destruction of the old, big clearing-out. In mundane astrology, relating to global matters, Pluto covers multinational corporations, nuclear matters, volcanic activity and earthquakes, to name but a few of the areas it covers.

Pluto rips apart the old and opens us up to new avenues for our soul’s and heart’s development. You can, of course, resist and try to stick with the old, but you’ll find it hard and full of discomfort. Still, the choice is yours, regardless of cosmic energies, we still have free will to exercise our own will. But if you resist Plutonic energies, you will find yourself in a lot of discomfort. Trust me, there’s a reason why Pluto is called Pluto!

Having said that, you’ll realise that Pluto sticking its beak into the Full Moon Eclipse on 26th June is likely to spark off some upheavals, not only on a personal level, but also at a global level.

So, please, make sure you tune into your heart and soul, listen to your intuitive responses to what is going on around you and at a global level. Now is the time to step into your power and listen to your own songlines. Don’t be seduced by the Neptune-like energies which are often peddled by governments, media, big business to provide a deceptive view of events. Above all, don’t succumb to fear, it disempowers you. Remember – you came into this life as an individual, a beautiful individual, ready to shine your light and you WON’T allow that light to be extinguished by fear. Stand tall and be ready to shine the light of your soul regardless of what turns up in terms of galactic energies in the forthcoming period.

>More on Uranus into Aries, Part Three – The individual

>In the previous post, I looked at how Uranus can influence the collective – in a very brief way, I might add, as it’s a huge subject.

In this one I thought I might just look briefly at how Uranus in Aries might affect you personally, because energies will flow down from the galaxy to the collective to the individual.

Those of you with strong fire and air energies will probably feel quite thrilled by the extra oomph of this galactic placement. Uranus is reflected in the air element, and Airies in the fire element. You might say that these two get on like a house on fire because air feeds fire and fire feeds off air.

On the other hand, those of you with the earth element might be feeling a bit uneasy or anxious because the airy, fiery energies of Uranus and Aries spell upheaval, change, insecurity, and shifting sands.

Similarly, because of all the airy energy in Uranus and all the unbridled passion in Aries, water signs may also feel threatened by the lack of feeling implicit in these two energies.

I have my Moon in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, so as I said in an earlier post, I think Uranian energies are pretty damned neat. The thing I have learned, though, is to exercise some boundaries and caution so that I’m not an unconstructed hippy any more but increasingly aware of the structures we all need to function in productive ways. I used to rebel against authority and still find rules and regulations very uncomfortable, to be honest. But I came to understand that in order to express the air element strong in me, I also needed to become more grounded and more respectful of the boundaries of others.

To give you a concrete example, I once threw a hand grenade (metaphorically speaking) into a discussion at a workshop I attended. It created havoc and I thought at the time that it was hilarious. But trust me, the people involved were furious at me and they were good people. I realised that I’d offended them and I have come in time to be remorseful of how I behaved. Now I know I wouldn’t have behaved any different because I was who I was then. But now I hope I’ve accumulated a bit of wisdom as I move into my crone years, and I’m careful to balance my Uranian, Trickster type energies in order to be respectful of people who are good souls and deserve more considered, kinder, more humble treatment from me.

Moving on from my ruminations on the past, Uranian energies – when they are affecting our lives – can cause quite a bit of upheaval. Uranus tells us that it’s not going to let us carry on in the old way if this is not being true to our heart and soul, our mission in life, our individual song, our inner wisdom, whatever you care to tall it.

If you aren’t being true to yourself, in other words, then Uranus will ride to the rescue and, as it’s an airy, detached energy, it won’t necessarily dish up upheaval you like or want to embrace. I’ll quote from the Howard Sasportas book I mentioned in an earlier blog:

“The deeper Self may ask that we suffer periods of pain and crisis in order to develop certain qualities or traits which wouldn’t develop if we didn’t have these challenging times. In other words, conflict, when viewed from the larger perspective of our overall unfold ment and individual journey, may serve creative and constructive ends….If over a period of time we have not been true to ourselves – if we persistently neglect fundamental needs or truths of our nature – the resulting disharmony is reflected in illness, tension, and pain. Whether we choose to listen or not, physical symptoms or other life-difficulties are often attempts on the part of the Self to let us know that somewhere along the line something has gone wrong”.

I remember being at a meditation session where a participant had a visualisation of climbing a mountain only, on reaching the peak, to see a series of valleys and peaks ahead of her. She grumbled to herself and she had a rather acerbic guide who said sharply and rather grumpily: “I can give you an ocean, if you want, and watch you sink”.

It seems to me that, more and more these days, there’s a questioning of the ocean we’ve been living in and its blandness, and more a feeling in greater numbers of people that there is more to life than a society which requires more and more consumption to survive. Increasingly we’re coming to realise that our endless consumption is not only destroying the earth, it’s not feeding our souls either. It’s climbing to the peaks, striving for growth on the mental, spiritual and emotional levels which actually feeds the emptiness within that surrounding ourselves with things, ever bigger houses, bigger cars, larger TVs simply cannot assuage.

So the upheavals and change which Uranus in Aries is sparking off – however they manifest – are going to take place, whether we like it or not. The task for us is to find out how best to ride the tsunami so that we can align ourselves gracefully with the cosmic changes being demanded of us, rather than crashing under the waves and feeling overwhelmed by what’s happening around us.

How do you do this? Stay attuned to what is happening around you and how you feel. On a practical level, go to http://www.astro.com, which is the website of Astrodienst. You can register, type in your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth, and get a brief daily report on transits (movements of planets in relation to your birth) and also get long-term transits in a short report too. These are free, so stooge around on the website, sort out what your energies are and see what is influencing you at the present time.

>More info on Uranus into Aries – Part Two: The Collective

>If you want a really good, easy-to-understand book on the planets, I’d recommend “Making the Gods Work for You”, by Caroline Casey, another well-known astrologer. Her comment on Uranus is that it “encourages us to kick our addiction to following a leader”, and that we need to experiment with social forms which serve rather than suppress individuality.

I have to confess at this point that I think Uranus is a bit of alright because it’s very strong in my chart. I love innovation, the future, technology, new ideas, and so on. But we all need to remember that Uranus can be exercised from the mind, in a mechanical way, rather than through the heart. Uranus is associated with the air element which can tend to be rather detached and aloof. Uranian people are quite happy to break a few eggs to make an omelette. In my life’s journey, however, I’ve come to understand that people are human beings, with families, friends, circles of acquaintances, and if new things are to come into being, they are best be created in tandem with the heart, to incur as little harm as possible. (Just by way of a brief example, when you get technological change, we need to support those workers whose jobs are replaced by new ways of working to move into new ways of work, not just throw them on the rubbish heap.)

You might wonder why I say that. Well, the French Revolution was a typical Uranian idea of a society built on fraternity, equality and liberty which degenerated into a bloodbath – although it paved the way in the long-term for a new form of democratic society. Similarly, as I said in the earlier post, the Uranian influences around Hitler created not a utopian society of nationalism and socialism, but a nightmare one of repression, brutality and bloodshed.

Whether we like it or not, Uranus will create upheaval and because we’re dealing with human beings, the results are unpredictable. But in riding the waves of Uranus as it sweeps forward empowered by the energy of Aries, it is good to proceed with collective goodwill and the desire to proceed with all change which nurtures humanity and Mother Earth. A bit of Saturn with its caution and structure does not go amiss (although I never thought I’d live to say that [:lol:] .

I have digressed a bit but I’d like to return to the comment about not giving power away to leaders. In present times we are seeing upheaval in the way in which people perceive they are governed both within political and religious structures.

The deception which has surrounded governmental procedures is being torn away and the old ways of governing are increasingly being seen with great suspicion and disillusion across the spectrum. If you look at the scenario on the Gulf, people are dismayed at the lack of action but it’s no good being critical of BP or the Obama administration. They are the product of our own approach of putting them in office, shrugging our shoulders and hoping that they’ll do a good job, whatever that is from our own viewpoint.

The Gulf disaster illustrates that people getting together to work out solutions can do a heck of a lot more than the slow-moving structures of administrations hidebound by rules and regulations. Of course, this requires a great upheaval in thinking – we have to do the Gulf work ourselves! But this sort of action isn’t confined to the Gulf catastrophere.

Here in Australia both political parties have thrown in the towel on climate change. Yet out there in the communities around Australia people are taking action themselves – whether it’s through individual action in their homes and gardens, or whether in groups working for climate change on a local, national and international level.

In religious institutions there is also upheaval, whether it’s in the Catholic Church or Islamic mosques. We are seeing a great flowering of interest in spirituality which relates to our own personal lives, rather than locked away in a hierarchal structure.

In other words, in all sorts of areas, blind obedience to authority is beginning to break down, and people are taking responsibility for leadership exercised through their hearts and souls and intuition, which I think is pretty terrific.

I personally don’t think it’s possible to say how this will work out in practice under the influence of Uranus in Aries, because the collective is unpredicable and because each of us operates in the social environment of our own countires with different traditions, cultures and mores. Be aware that big changes are underway which may surge up in the immediiate future, or which may lap at our shores as they create a new shoreline from which we all set sail.

>More info on Uranus into Aries – Part One

>I’ve been reading a really interesting book “The Outer Planets and their Cycles – The Astrology of the Collective” by Liz Greene, a leading astrologer on the website, Astrodienst (astro.com). I’ve also been poring over another book called “The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto”, by Howard Sasportas. Sasportas was involved in setting up Astrodienst with Ms Greene but sadly died in 1992 at the quite early age of 44, a real loss to the art of astrology.

I’ve been re-reading these books because there’s a lot of hype around at the moment about 2012 and changing consciousness, wishful thinking and plain old idealism. I don’t have all the answers but I do wonder sometimes whether many of the scenarios to do wtih overnight changes are a bit connected to hopes for an easy solution to the world’s – and our – problems. Because all of history shows that it’s the hard yards which are required for progress to occur – whether on a countrywide, collective basis, or on an individual journey without our own inner psyches. Because if we we are talking about external change, we also need to look at internal change. As above, so below: the heavens above, our souls within in the unknown/hidden realms. We incarnate on Earth to feed our souls, so hoping to get the job done fast is not really in accord with why we slog it out for however our lifetime lasts.

Uranus & Rings

Anyway, back to the books I’m reading. Both books deal with the effects of the three outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These three planets have very long cycles of orbit around the sun: Uranus approx. every 84 years with about seven years in each sign; Neptune 164 years with about fourteen years in each sign; and Pluto 248 years with a varying time in each sign because it has an elliptical orbit. That is, they each take those number of years to move through the signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and so on. They are far more slow moving than the inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and, of course, Earth, while the Moon’s orbit moves far more quickly around the Earth.

Liz Greene’s book looks at how the planetary movement of the three outer planets affects the astrology of individual countries, and I think it’s interesting to look at this aspect first, in relation to all the information around us on Uranus moving into Aries. While there are certainly huge changes and upheavals underway, it is hard to say how they will play out in exactitude. You might be interested to know, for example, that in 1554, a whole heap of planets ended up in Pisces which sent the astrologers of the time into paroxysms of fear that the end of the world would come with a mighty flood as Pisces was associated with water. One astrologer in the UK even went so far as to build an ark which may well have taught him boat-building skills but which didn’t help in his ultimate survival as no floods did actually turn up.

However, there was no physical flood. Instead, what we need to do with this episode is consider that great planetary movements don’t happen overnight, they take their time into coming into being and their time in passing away. So a few years before this great gathering of planets in Pisces, a monk named Martin Luther nailed up some cranky stuff on cathedral doors about the Catholic Church. Further down the line, it sparked a tsunami which flooded over the Catholic Church and started dissolving the belief which had prevailed until then that the Catholic faith and church were spiritual reality for all time.

The same sort of doomsday scenario hung around at the end of the millenium but again the end of the world didn’t come and those people who stockpiled tinned foor and toilet rolls are still probably working through their supplies.

I think it’s worth keeping this in mind when we consider galactic happenings at the present time, where Uranus has moved into the First House of Aries, for the first time in 84 year, right at the very beginning of a whole new cycle of this planet’s influence.

These are the qualities of Uranus:
Social justice;humanitarian issues; freedom; flower power; conservatism; hippy-ism; rules & regulations; blind obedience; innovation; discovery; anarchy; rebellion;anti-authoritarianism for its own sake; structurelessness; lack of direction;flailing around for the sake of it; imagination; intuition; radical change;wake-up calls; independence; dictatorship; slavery; unconventionality; inspiration;reform; prison, challenge to old ideas; imprisonment.

And these are the qualities of Aries:
Potential: Drive, ambition, determination, power, courage, leadership,fiery, dynamic, idealism, positive, enthusiastic, extrovert, adventurous.
Pratfalls: Bully, cruelty, egotistical, tyrant, self-aggrandizement,self-centered, greedy, insensitive, selfish, foolhardy.
(I’ve actually lifted these from my e-book on crystals, mandalas and astrology on the basis that, since I’ve already written this material, why give myself extra work???)

I know that there’s a great deal of talk about Uranus ushering in new ideas, but please remember that Uranus, as expressed through Hitler and Nazi Germany, certainly did usher in new ideas – the first psychological manipulation of a nation – but those ideas certainly weren’t what one could call progressive or beneficial to humanity. As with all things in the Universe, we can see white and black; light and dark; peace and war; day and night; light and shade. All things are multi-faceted and as we too have our own inner demons and shadow sides, as well as good aspects and light qualities, so do the planets and our own Mother Earth.

>I have a confession to make – I have cleared out all the e-mails about goal-setting and creativity I’ve been poring over, because I realised that I was concentrating on everyone else’s ideas except my own! And I do have to say that my e-mail inbox looks all the better for not being full of e-mails which basically made me feel inadequate, overwhelmed and diverting away from my own work.

But isn’t it amazing how we find all sorts of cul-de-sacs and dead ends and diversions so we don’t have to face the creative project we know is calling us, because all the insecurities rear up like a tsunami and swamp us.

So having done a de-clutter on my e-mails (although I do love reading Andrea Schroeder’s ABC’s creativity because she’s so enthusiastic and lively), I decided to start on my study. I walked in and looked at my desks cluttered with stuff and realisedt that it simply discourages any creativity because it fills up the space where you want to create with stuff which in no way supports the creative process.

Since we got here, I’ve made do with desktop containers, but yesterday I treated myself to a stand of multi-coloured filing trays which provides some lovely colour for my office. And because there are 10 trays, I’ve been able to tidy up my desk-top clutter AND ensure it’s actually easier to access because it’s arranged so tidily in the drawers. Here’s a pic of my brand, spanking new office of which I am inordinately proud because I’m congenitally untidy:

In case, by the way, you wonder if you’re dealing with a control freak, I will confess that what you can’t see is the stack of paintings beside me in the corner where I stood to take this photo. You also can’t see the shelving on the left-hand side which is absolutely full of art materials!

However, having a clear work surface is, I feel, an invitation to get creative again. I’m working on deepening my own understanding of the forces at work in the universe, and the move of Uranus into Aries for the first itme in 83 years at the same time (approximately) as the New Moon galvanised me into opening the way to move in alignment with this energy of whole new beginnings.

Tomorrow I’m going to post a blog about the energies of Uranus and Aries and why they herald a whole new era of new energy, new beginnings and new approaches to living our lives.

>Witches’ Finger Quartz

>I’ve uploaded below some photos of Witches’ Finger Quartz which I caretake.  I’ve returned to these as I’ve started trying to come to under the planetary movements underway at present.

These crystals are quite rare now and come from Zambia, in Africa.  They are called Witches’ Finger quartz because of all the knobbly bits and pieces attached to them on the outside, which I believe are mica and actinolite (not sure about the latter).  The minerals involved are smoky quartz, muscovite, magnetite, sphalerite and rutile, quite a mix. 

Truth be told, however, witches’ fingers were no more knobbly or gnarled than anybody else’s fingers, it just relates to the old myths of witches as hags and wizened old crones.

I’ve found these crystals to be invaluable in tuning into galactic energies.  It’s as if the threads you can see inside them actually connect you to the cosmic songlines permeating the galaxy and all of us here on Mother Earth. 

If you do want to get hold of some, you can have a scout round on the internet or ebay, but watch the prices as they can vary enormously.  And as so often happens, the more spiritual qualities spruiked about these quartz formations, the higher the price.

My own view is that if you’re meant to caretake one, it will find you and draw you, but it’s spiritual qualities depend entirely on how you interact with each Witches Finger Quartz and what it wants to share with you.

>A visit from an eagle

>I know I’ve mentioned eagles before, but I had the privilege yesterday of seeing a wedge-tailed eagle around our home at a much closer range than ever before.

I was sitting here typing when I looked up and thought I saw an eagle fly past the window, right in front of me, and between our house and our neighbour’s.  But I just shook my head and put it down to my imaginaiton.  I mean – eagles right in FRONT of me????

And then as I looked the eagle swooped low again over next door’s roof, lazily circling a few times, before it gradually started climbing on the thermals.  It was absolutely huge and I was sitting there with my jaw hanging down!

I ran outside and watched as the eagle rose higher and higher, very graceful, very slow, very powerful.  And then up zoomed a crazy, brave crow, harassing the eagle out of its territory.  I’ve watched crows circle and attack eagles before, and it’s interesting that the eagle never attacks, just ignores them and, in its own good time, moseys on its way to wherever.

I think I am so privileged to have seen this absolutely awesome bird so close-up.  My friend laughs at my excitement, rolls her eyes and usually says: “It’s looking for something to eat” and then we have a good laugh that we can share our differences and remain such good friends.

On this occasion, though, I had just made a decision which goes quite against my usual behaviour, and it was as if the arrival of the eagle confirmed I’d made the right, spiritual decision. Nice to have a symbol like that turn up to confirm what is actually a turn in a quite different direction from the one I’d usually take.  Here’s another pic of a wedge-tailed eagle: