>Garden plants attracting birds, bees, butterflies & other insects

>Thought I’d pop in photos of two of the plants in our backyard which are absolute trojans at attracting birds, bees, butterflies and other insects.  The one on the left is a bottlebrush and, whereas they used to bloom a couple of times a year, as the climate is changing, so they’re blooming many more … More >Garden plants attracting birds, bees, butterflies & other insects

>Changes to blog

>You’ll have noted that there are some changes to my blog, some of which I’ve created with complete understanding, due to the new Blogger dashboard.  And since it’s called a dashboard, I think the background change is very dashing indeed.  I have somehow, and this is completely accidental, managed to change the background colour of … More >Changes to blog

>Our new garden

> We mainly concentrated on mowing the lawn and back and front verges when we first got our new home in Bowraville. But now we’ve got the house in some sort of order, we’re building up the garden. My husband, Bryan, is the green fingers of the household. I look at plants and they droop … More >Our new garden

>Eagle sightings

>One of the great joys of living in the hills just behind the coast is that we get to see quite a few wedge-tailed eagles flying over the house. These are the biggest birds of prey in Australia and among the biggest eagles in the world. You can tell they’re eagles as their wing-tips turn … More >Eagle sightings

>Monster Worms!

> No, you haven’t misread the title, folks. This is a rave about the monster worms which inhabit our garden, the largest we’ve ever seen. We first became aware of the existence of these worms after we had mown the lawn for the first time. Until that time, our lawn had been overgrown and a … More >Monster Worms!